Dr. Kent White is a Senior Instructor at the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies - an LVI Dentist.

His expertise in aesthetic (or cosmetic), reconstructive and neuromuscular dentistry provides the level of dentistry you really need and want.

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Dr. Kent White is a LVI Dentist and has been a Senior Instructor at the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies.

Dr. White transformed his patient's smile during a TV news version of the Extreme Makeover show broadcast on a TN ABC affiliate a while back. For photos and MUCH more, Click HERE.

If you saw the national version of the Extreme Makeover show on ABC, you probably noticed LVI being featured. To know more about LVI and Dr. White's smile makeover expertise, visit:

LVILive.com & LVISmile.com
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New Beauty Magazine

Dr. White was featured in New Beauty, the latest and most comprehensive magazine for transforming how you look and feel.

It showcases the top smile makeover dentists in the country. You might have seen New Beauty featured on NBC's Today Show, in Time Magazine, the New York Times and other publications and TV shows.

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