5 Common Problems Dental Bonding Can Solve

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It’s highly unlikely you were born with a perfect smile. Most patients of the Center for Advanced Dentistry need some sort of cosmetic dentistry treatment to perfect their smile. One of our top cosmetic dentistry procedures in Nashville is dental bonding. Dental bonding is not only a cost-effective way to repair flaws in your smile, but it’s also a quick and easy procedure. Dental bonding might be right for you if you have the following common problems.

Happy middle aged woman shows off her smile while enjoying some time outside at a park. It’s highly unlikely you were born with a perfect smile and may need some sort of cosmetic dentistry treatment to get the smile you deserve!

1. Gapped Teeth

One of the top common problems dental bonding can solve at our Nashville dental office is gapped teeth. Cosmetic dentist Dr. White will use dental bonding to seal in the gaps between your teeth to give you a straight smile without spaces. In just one trip to the dentist, you can perfect your smile without the pain and hassles of orthodontic treatments.

2. Misshaped Teeth

Another one of the common problems dental bonding can solve is misshaped teeth. It’s unlikely that all of your teeth are the same shape and size. With dental bonding, Dr. White can reshape your teeth to look symmetrical. Don’t worry about dental bonding looking unnatural, we choose a color that is close to your natural teeth and Dr. White uses his artistry to create a natural tooth shape so nobody knows you had work done.

3. Exposed Roots

Brushing too vigorously or grinding your teeth at night can result in exposed roots. Not only is this an unsightly appearance, but it can also cause tooth sensitivity. Cover your exposed roots with dental bonding to rejuvenate your tooth’s appearance and to prevent further pain. Not only is dental bonding great for cosmetic solutions, but also restorative. We can also look at the underlying cause of tooth grinding to provide long-term relief of your bruxism, which threatens your teeth.

4. Chipped, Broken, or Cracked Teeth

If you have any physical damage to your teeth, dental bonding in Nashville can help you repair them. Dr. White will apply the bonding composite to your chipped, broken or cracked teeth to help them look beautiful again. You won’t even be able to tell that your teeth were once physically damaged.

5. Restore Decayed Teeth

Not only are decayed teeth bad for your oral health, but they also don’t look that great. Once Dr. White has removed all of the tooth decay from your teeth, he can restore your teeth with dental bonding to help them look natural and whole again. In some cases, he may need to use dental crowns or inlays and onlays to restore your tooth.

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