5 Reasons to Postpone Extraction

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We understand that when you’re struggling with oral health problems, you might be tempted to think that the best solution is to just remove the tooth or teeth and be done with it. You may even want to get rid of all your teeth once and for all.

But there are very good reasons to try to hold off on extractions for as long as you can. Here are five of them.

Nothing Is as Good as Your Natural Teeth

We’ve said it before: nothing is as good as your natural teeth. If you remove a natural tooth or teeth, you will be replacing them with something which is more or less inferior. Even dental implants, as close as they are to natural teeth, are not actually natural teeth and won’t function quite the way your natural teeth do. And if you replace your natural teeth with dentures or a dental bridge, you are looking at significant changes in function and/or stress on nearby teeth.

Many Teeth Can Be Saved

You may be inclined to believe that you have no option but to get your tooth pulled. Sometimes this is true, but in many, many cases your tooth that you are inclined to give up on can actually be saved. An infected tooth can be repaired with a root canal treatment, and restored to full function again. A tooth that’s loose because of gum disease can be stabilized and can recover with the help of gum disease treatment.

Sometimes you should postpone tooth extraction

Saving Teeth Is Cheaper

Never make a dental care decision based on cost alone, but a lower cost is often a nice side benefit of doing the right thing. And it’s often true for saving your teeth. A root canal treatment can give you a functional tooth that lasts as long as a dental implant for a fraction of the cost. And with good gum disease treatment, your teeth can actually return to health. It can be there for life, and may be problem-free except for routine maintenance.

You Might Have to Treat These Conditions Anyway

You might think that getting your teeth extracted will save you getting gum disease treatment, but that’s not the case. If you have gum disease, you will need to get it treated, and often before you can get dental implants placed.

Besides, infected teeth and gums have very serious consequences for your overall health, and need to be resolved for you to maintain your health.

You Can Always Extract Later

One of the benefits of postponing extraction is that it’s always there as an option for the future. If you retain your natural tooth or teeth, you can enjoy the function and health of natural teeth for ten years, fifteen years, or more, before you even need to consider extraction again.

And at that point, you can have your tooth extracted and replaced with dental implants. But if dental implants fail ten or fifteen years from now, your treatment options are more limited.

Extraction Is Forever

Remember: extraction is forever. Once it’s done, it can’t be undone. So we have to approach extraction as a solution of last resort. It’s always crucial to get a second opinion if a dentist is telling you that you need to get one or more teeth extracted. It’s quite likely that a new dentist will take a new perspective and may have ideas of how to save your teeth.

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