6 Ways a Smile Makeover Can Turn a Little Success into a Big Break

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You thought it was an impossible dream: your tiny passion project suddenly has the chance to become a huge success. You are getting calls for interviews. You’ve been nominated for a leading position in your local trade organization. You’re receiving a major award from a national or international society.

You’re used to doing what you do in private obscurity, but you’ve suddenly become a public figure, and you’re not sure what to do next. There are many formulae for success, but if you are unhappy or uncomfortable with your smile, you should consider a smile makeover.


Confidence is one of the most vital tools you will need in managing your new success and building on it. But if you’re unhappy with the appearance of your smile, confidence can be in mighty short supply.

If you are aware that every time you open your mouth to speak, or every time you greet someone with a smile, people are going to see an unattractive or unhealthy smile, it can really undermine your confidence.

From getting ready for your big day to practicing your speech in front of the mirror, to getting ready for bed after a day of challenges, successes, and sometimes failures, you will be constantly reminded of the state of your smile. And that reminder can either boost your confidence or drag you down.

A smile makeover can ensure you get a confidence boost throughout the day from your beautiful smile.

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People Judge Your Smile

Now that you’re a public figure, you’re going to be introduced to many, many more people. Each of these people will come to conclusions about you on the basis of many factors, and your smile might very well be the most critical.

Your smile is often the first thing people will notice. It may also be the main thing they remember after meeting you. And on the basis of it, they will come to conclusions about you.

Studies have shown that if you have an unattractive smile, people are more likely to think that you are less intelligent, less healthy, less successful, and even less friendly and understanding. It doesn’t make sense, but it’s true.

Now that you’re representing more than yourself, it may be more than a personal option to try to make the best first impression possible, it may be a professional responsibility.

People Expect Leaders to Smile

For most of your life, you might have managed getting by with an unattractive smile by just not smiling. Unfortunately, that’s no longer an option once you move into a position of leadership. At least, not in this country.

It’s part of our national culture that we expect our leaders to show off big smiles. These smiles represent many things, but they all convey a leader who is dynamic, energetic, driven, and capable. Smiling large shows you have what it takes to be a leader, and that you’re strong enough to achieve the goals that have been entrusted to your hands.

Public Speaking

Now that you’re becoming more of a public figure, you’re going to be expected to speak out in public more often, and your smile makeover can really help with that. Your teeth are essential to clearly enunciating your words, and teeth that are damaged, crooked, or missing, can all make it hard for you to be heard and understood at your various occasions.

Not only that, but if you have an unhealthy bite or even temporomandibular joint disorders (TMJ), you might find all your public speaking takes a toll on your jaw and teeth. You might have very sore jaw muscles, jaw pain in the joints, muscle spasms, even serious tension headaches after your newly demanding public speaking schedule.

Eliminate Distractions

You have reached where you are because of your accomplishments and your message.That’s what you want people to be focused on when you’re speaking.

Buf you have an unattractive smile, it’s just as likely that people will be focused on that, instead. It can distract and detract from your message. A smile makeover can remove that distraction so that all people are thinking about is your words and achievements.

Maintain Your Health

And getting and maintaining a beautiful smile is about more than just your appearance. It can actually be critical to your health. And with your new schedule filling all your hours and draining your energy, this is more critical than ever.

Oral health is a critical component of your systemic health, and an unhealthy mouth can act as a reservoir of infection that can afflict you when your body’s reserves are depleted. You can be more likely to experience colds, sinus infections, even acne if your body is burdened with chronic gum disease.

And not only that, but neglected oral health can lead to a serious crisis that interferes with your ability to keep up your schedule. A cracked tooth. A serious cavity. An infected tooth. These painful consequences of poor oral health can force you to change your schedule, cancel events, and even take days off–days that are already spoken for.

Your Smile Is Your Brand

Your word is your bond. Your handshake is your integrity. Your smile is your brand. More than your hair, more than your clothes, more than your jewelry or your accessories, your smile will represent you in every public appearance. If you want to convey the best message, it’s important to make sure that your smile supports it. That’s why a smile makeover is so vital to stepping up into your new role as a public figure.

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