7 Signs Your Dentist Isn’t Listening to You

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If you are looking for the best cosmetic dentistry, you need to find a dentist that will listen to you. If your dentist doesn’t listen to what you’re saying, they won’t know your cosmetic goals so they won’t be able to achieve them. They won’t even know about symptoms or problems that you bring to them about your oral health.

So how can you tell that your dentist isn’t listening to you? Here are seven signs to watch for.

7 Signs Your Dentist Isn’t Listening to You | Nashville

They Interrupt You

Your dentist has to let you talk in order to be able to listen. If your dentist doesn’t let you finish talking about the issue, they aren’t listening. They are eager to move on to the next thing, and, likely that means the next patient, instead of spending time with you.

They Always Ask the Same Questions

Your dentist should be asking questions to learn more about you and your personal situation. There are a few questions that will routinely come up, but if your dentist is never asking questions specific to you and what you’ve told them, then you know they aren’t listening.

They Never Repeat Details You’ve Told Them

One sure sign that someone is listening to you is when they repeat back what you’ve told them. They might use the same words that you used, refer back to specific facts, or translate your words into different terms. But you have to hear them repeat back what you’ve told them to know that they’re really listening.

They Act Rushed

Dentists are busy professionals, and some dentists choose to work with a very full schedule that demands they move quickly from one patient to another. If your dentist is constantly fidgeting and glancing at the clock to make sure they’re not late, how can they truly be present with you to hear what you’re saying?

They Dismiss Your Symptoms

Sometimes you will tell your dentist what symptoms you’re experiencing, and they just dismiss them. They literally tell you you’re not feeling what you’re feeling or that what you’re feeling doesn’t matter. Dentists always need to give priority to your symptoms, because these are real indicators of your condition.

They Speak to You in Jargon

It’s inevitable for a dentist to use some amount of jargon. There are just some details that have to be described using technical terms. But there’s a difference between a dentist who uses some jargon as necessary (and explains what they’re saying) and a dentist who just throws jargon at you in place of really trying to communicate.

You Don’t Feel Listened to

Ultimately, you have to trust your feelings on this to some extent. If you feel like your dentist isn’t listening to you, they probably aren’t. And if you don’t feel comfortable at a dental practice–for this or for any other reason–then it’s not a good fit for you.

We Will Listen to You

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