Advanced Dentistry by Dr. Kent E. White

Boutique Dentistry for Nashville, Tennessee

Consumers in Nashville are looking for something new, but also comprehensive with the potential to achieve their dental health goals whatever they may be. Dr. Kent E. White provides a level of dental care where every person looking for something better can find a home.

Dental Services Description: Trained in advanced preventive, restorative, and aesthetic dentistry, Dr. White's practice in Nashville offers a complete array of services, from the purely cosmetic to the critically restorative.

What interests Dr. Kent White the most, perhaps, is the idea of giving his patients the best of both worlds-a healthy and beautiful smile that not only prevents pain and decay, but also gives his patients confidence in their smile.

Dr. White has been in constant pursuit of the highest quality of care for his patients. By training at this pace and level, he is able to offer his patients a wide variety of high value services. With his artistic flair, skilled care and long-term perspective, perfection is the only result he strives for. His expertise in aesthetic enhancement, restorative care, neuromuscular dentistry and laser treatment translates into comprehensive, long lasting and natural-looking solutions for his patients.

His kind of expertise is very unique. It’s an approach that looks at other causes for neuromuscular pain and prevention of pain before focusing all the attention on teeth. Neuromuscular dentistry isn’t brand new, but the diagnostic technology has finally caught up with treatment.

As an Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology member, Dr. Kent White is interested in therapies that promote healing and health. Patients should have options that don’t create other health concerns.

It’s easy to prescribe the same medicines and remedies that dentistry has used for ages. Dr. White refuses to take that road. Silver/mercury fillings are controversial because some people believe the mercury causes toxic reactions.

Whether this can be proved beyond a shadow of a doubt doesn’t concern Dr. Kent White. He knows there are newer, healthier therapies to use instead of silver/mercury dental fillings.

Therefore, patients no longer need to worry about the possible effects of this commonly used dental substance.

Our Highlights, Specialties & Features: Las Vegas Institute of Advanced Dental Studies (LVI) trained Professional Associations & Certifications: American Dental Association

Payment options: Credit Terms Available, MasterCard, VISA, CareCredit Dentistry Financing.
We also provide a Senior Discount: 5%

Services: Preventative Dental Checkups, Cosmetic Dentistry, Crown Bridge, Smile Makeover Veneers, Implants supported Dentures, Dentists, Periodontics (to fight gum disease), * Aesthetic – beautiful smiles * Restorative/Reconstructive * Neuromuscular Dentistry – finding balance, relieving pain * Alternative Therapies – options for continued health, TMJ treatments…

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