Advanced Porcelain Crowns Have Great Aesthetics, Durability

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We’ve talked before about how porcelain crowns shouldn’t be confused with porcelain used in plates or china dolls. Instead, they are made of advanced materials specifically designed for use as dental restorations. And although we know that no crown lasts forever, these crowns show great promise for lasting a very long time.

One of these advanced materials is known as lithium disilicate, a relatively new material that offers an attractive translucency and a high strength.  A new study confirms that when put to the test these crowns can really perform as desired, showing a survival rate of nearly 97% after four years. And the aesthetic appraisals for these crowns were just as good. In the hands of a skilled cosmetic dentist like Dr. Kent E. White in Nashville, these crowns are an amazing tool to give you a beautiful, durable smile makeover.

Porcelain crowns are durable
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Attractive and Durable

Because lithium disilicate is a new material, we don’t have many long-term studies on its durability, especially not many that are very long and have sufficient crowns to show us what their performance is really like. That’s why this study, focusing on 327 lithium disilicate crowns observed for up to five years, is very important.

The study was conducted by researchers at the Eberhard-Karls University Tübingen in Germany. These 327 crowns were placed on 45 patients by several dentists. Although the patients only had an average of about seven crowns each, some of the patients had very many restorations, including one who had 21 restorations placed in a single session, and one who received a total of 28 restorations.

All of the crowns were initially rated very highly in aesthetic terms, and most of them retained their attractive appearance. Overall, 90% received an excellent rating for attractiveness by the end of the study, and 7% receiving an acceptable rating. Particularly impressive is that 99% of the crowns maintained their color through the entire observation period.

However, there were some physical complications of note. Three crown fractures, one tooth that needed a root canal, and two patients that developed cavities at the edges of crowns–all of these were crown failures that account for the estimated survival rate of 96.8% after 48 months. In addition, there were several minor complications, such as minor chips and crowns that came off and had to be rebonded. The total complication rate (including failures) was 4.6% (15 complications on 14 crowns).

Your Dentist Makes a Difference

Although this study was focused on the restorations, it also gave hints that the work of the individual dentists could make a big difference in the results achieved. For example, six of the 14 crowns that had complications were placed by a single dentist. This dentist placed a total of 26 restorations, so their personal complication rate was over 23%, five times the average rate. This also means that other dentists had very low complication rates.

Although every dentist has access to these amazing new technologies and materials, not every dentist is equally skilled at using them. We encourage you to look at the quality of results Dr. White has achieved in his Smile Gallery and see for yourself what he can do. The appearance of these restorations is impressive, but it’s also important to know that these restorations are just as functional, comfortable, and durable as they are attractive. Dr. White’s training in neuromuscular dentistry helps him design smile makeovers that create or maintain a healthy bite.

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