Are You Unhappy with Your Budget Smile?

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We constantly remind people not to make make decisions about cosmetic dentistry on the basis of price, but not everyone heeds those cautions. If you decided to go with a particular cosmetic dentist because the price seemed right, you might now be unhappy with how wrong your results turned out.

Fortunately, Nashville, TN cosmetic dentist Dr. Kent E. White can remove, repair, or replace cosmetic dentistry that isn’t up to your standards. If you’re asking any of the following questions, Dr. White has the answers and the solution.

Why Don’t My Results Look Good?

Cosmetic dentistry has to look good, first and foremost. Unfortunately, many examples of budget cosmetic dentistry don’t look good at all. There are many reasons why that could be.

First, the dentist may not have been up to the design task. There’s no easy formula for designing a beautiful, natural-looking smile. And not all dentists have the training or artistry to do it right.

Cosmetic dentistry patient

Quality cosmetic dentistry by Dr. Kent White!

Another reason is that the dentist may not be working with the right dental lab. Just like dentists, not all lab technicians have what it takes to design and produce attractive restorations. The highest quality labs charge for their quality work, and this is a common place where dentists cut costs to lower prices.

Or maybe it’s the material. Dental restorations can be made of many different types of materials, and some of them are much more attractive than others. Again, this is a common place to cut costs.

Dr. White is a great designer of smiles. Don’t believe us? Check out our gallery of smiles.

Why Are My Restorations Uncomfortable?

Your mouth is a dynamic system of complex interrelated components that have to all work together. Understanding this system takes training, practice, and insight. But with an incomplete understanding, a dentist can easily produce restorations that don’t feel right and may even cause irritation or pain because they just don’t fit in your bite.

Another possible cause of discomfort is that the restorations have margins or gaps where hot or cold liquids and/or pressure can more directly reach the sensitive pulp in your teeth.

Neuromuscular dentist Dr. White knows how to design dental restorations that fit harmoniously with the elements of your bite system. And his expert design and execution means that your restorations will fit precisely–without potentially painful gaps.

Why Are My Restorations Breaking?

Another unfortunate truth of bargain dentistry is that it’s not as durable as you might like. This could just be related to the materials chosen. They may not be designed to last as long. Or they may be more likely to have flaws.

The breaking might also be related to problems of design for your restorations. Bite problems like TMJ aren’t just uncomfortable–they can put excessive force on the restorations, causing them to crack and break.

Invest in Quality Cosmetic Dentistry

Want to avoid these kinds of problems with your cosmetic dentistry? Then it’s best to invest in quality from the beginning. If you choose quality at the start, you won’t be disappointed with the results.

If you are looking for quality cosmetic dentistry in Nashville, TN, please call (615) 383-6787 today for an appointment with Dr. White at the Center for Advanced Dentistry.