Beautiful Smiles Aren’t Governed by Math

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For a time, cosmetic dentists believed that all the problems of smile design could be solved by mathematics, but the truth is a lot more complex. Although there are some important mathematical ratios to keep in mind, there is no single formula that can be applied to your teeth to determine what will make them beautiful.

Here’s why we can’t just use equations to design your smile makeover.

Facial Proportions Are Different

Of course, not all faces are the same shape and size. Some people have round faces, some have oval faces, some have heart-shaped faces, and many more. Your smile has to look as if it’s a natural complement to your facial proportions, which means that your smile design has to take the shape and size of your face into account if we are to achieve an attractive appearance.

Applying one set of smile proportions to all faces would not lead to attractive smiles in all cases: in many cases it can make a smile look like it doesn’t belong. In other words, it can make your smile look fake.

What makes a perfect smile?
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Smile Shape Is Different

The smile itself has a different shape for different people. The way your lips move to create your smile is an important consideration, and your smile makeover has to make sure that the teeth will look fitting in the shape of your smile.

Teeth proportions that are too large for your smile can look crowded, while ones that are too small can make your smile look empty. We want to manage empty space as well as teeth to create a proper balance.

We also want to make sure that the smile makeover isn’t going to change the shape of your smile, but preserves the natural dimensions of your face and mouth.

Accounting for the Bite

Although a smile makeover is primarily cosmetic, it also has to be functional. And that means taking into account your bite, which is determined by the shape and size of the jaw. Your smile makeover should foster a healthy and comfortable jaw position so that you can avoid damage to the restorations, irritation of the teeth or jaw, and avoid potential issues with TMJ.

Trying to maintain a single mathematical proportion without taking the bite into account can lead to results that are not only unattractive, they’re uncomfortable and potentially difficult to speak or eat with.

Teeth Change with Age

The ideal proportion for teeth has to change with age. When we are young, our teeth tend to be longer and have more variation in length, but with age they tend to become smaller and more even.

We may want to give you a more youthful smile, but that doesn’t mean we’ll want to give you the tooth proportions of a 20-year-old. That would stand out as fake. Instead, we’ll give your smile suitably youthful proportions that look great and look natural for you.

Your Smile Should Match Your Taste

Mathematical proportions can sometimes be used as a rough guide for teeth that many people would find attractive, but not everyone would agree. People have individual tastes when it comes to smiles, which is part of the reason why you might be unhappy with your smile even though other people like it.

When we design your smile makeover, we put you in control. We listen to your cosmetic goals, talk about the smile you imagine for yourself, and design a smile that fits your demands. You will get the smile that you think is attractive, not the one the numbers crunched out and you may or may not be happy with.

The Smile You Desire

Cosmetic dentist Dr. Kent White is a practitioner of biomimetic dentistry, which means that he’s dedicated to creating smiles that mimic the natural. The smile he designs for you will meet your cosmetic goals while looking so natural that most people will believe you’ve had it all your life. The trick of creating an attractive and natural smile depends on the eye and talent of your cosmetic dentist.

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