Contemplating Dental Implants? Watch This “TalkApolis” Video

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Patients and prospective patients of Dr. Kent White at the Center for Advanced Dentistry who may be contemplating a particular procedure like dental implant placement or TMJ/sleep apnea treatment but feel they need more information before making a decision should watch this video featuring our cosmetic dentist in a 2014 appearance on the Nashville-centric social media broadcast "TalkApolis."

Introduced on the show as "Nashville's Best Dentist," Dr. White explains how biomimicry, or treatments that emulate your natural physiology, and neuromuscular diagnostics prevent his patients at the Center for Advanced Dentistry from undergoing unnecessary treatments. Our dentist also illuminates how his expertise in advanced dentistry procedures enables patients who undergo such treatments as dental implant surgery to experience minimal if any pain or discomfort.

"Biological alternative dentistry allows us to place materials that mimic what the tooth does" as well as its natural aesthetics, says Dr. White. "The most important (thing for patients) is finding a specialty dentist who does this exclusively."

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