Continuing Smile Care to Comprehensive Confidence: Dentist’s Approach

Boutique Dentistry for Nashville, Tennessee

Sometimes people call the Center for Advanced Dentistry and ask, “Do you do aesthetic and regular care, too.” If they mean, regular checkups and oral health care, we say, “Yes.

Dr. Kent E. White offers advanced care, like porcelain, ceramic materials (not silver/mercury fillings or porcelain-metal crowns). He sees patients on a regular basis insure new or natural smiles last a lifetime.

Besides restorative and smile enhancement services, dental patients can benefit from the preventative care offered at the Center for Advanced Dentistry:

  • Periodontal/Gum Disease Prevention – Perio disease is the leading cause of tooth loss in adults. Our office provides a gum tissue management program that if professionally followed at least every six months can control the serious damage of gum disease, which includes losing teeth and bone deterioration.
  • Fluoride Treatments – For adults and children. Fluoride helps keep minerals on the enamel that are positive for tooth health as well as improving conditions for mineralization (making teeth stronger where cavities were forming). Fluoride Treatment also makes it more difficult for bacteria that can cause cavities, and weakening acid attacks that break down the teeth. Decay risk is lessened more when when a good diet and oral hygiene are blended with fluoride, a natural and safe treatment.
  • Dental Sealants – sealing out disease: getting sealants helps avoid tooth decay. This sealing treatment covers the chewing surfaces of back teeth, keeping germs and food, which cause cavities. If teeth are coated using dental sealants before decay, dental patients save time and money over the long haul since fewer fillings, crowns or other restorative work is needed because less tooth decay occurs.
  • Home Dental Care – can include various dental treatments, therapies, nutritional support and homeopathic alternatives.

Achieving Complete Oral Health, Smile Confidence

Comprehensive Analysis

Successful restorative and aesthetic dental treatment takes careful planning and attention to detail.

Dr. White's Dental & Smile Health Analysis consists of the following elements:

  • Diagnostic casts of your mouth are made
  • X-ray analysis
  • Diagnostic slides and digital photography
  • Smile and Facial Analysis
  • Smile preview
    • Computer imaging is performed for an instant ‘new smile preview’
    • Diagnostic models are created for a 3-dimensional view of your ‘new smile”
  • Customized temporary restorations are until any lab-crafted restorations are completed
  • Final restorations are bonded and any laser contouring is performed
  • “After” clinical photographs are taken
  • Studio portraits are taken
  • Preventative And Smile (Aesthetic) hygiene management program is developed

Dr. White's Patient: Finally Done Right

The initial, short appointment involves diagnostic photography plus impressions of your teeth and client selection of colors, shapes, etc. Then a diagnostic, 3-dimensional model is created and/or a computer-simulated smile is developed.

Dr. White's Patient: Attitude Rewarded

The first treatment session involves the artistic design and preparation of the teeth and placement of the custom temporary teeth. The impressions, pictures and comments about your smile will be sent to the right ceramist for your dental makeover with detailed instructions to create a personalized and individualized smile design.

This information and your suggestions will help Dr. Kent White of Nashville create a customized temporary teeth to be used while our dental lab crafts your final restorations.

Dr. White's Patient: Definitely Unique, Best Compliment

A follow up phone call with the master ceramist will finalize the details of your smile restorations. You will be given specific post-treatment details on how to prepare for the second session.

Dr. White's Patient: From Sad Outlook to Super Future

Final photographs are taken, an in-office studio portrait is taken. Then, you are on your way with the smile you’ve always wanted!