Creativity without Headaches: Drug-Free Migraine Treatment for Artists

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Many artists find that their gifts come with a bad bargain. Their bursts of creativity are accompanied or counterpointed by migraine attacks. The pain can be disabling, and they can make it hard to capitalize on your insights.

So you may have tried migraine treatments. Unfortunately, many migraine treatments, especially migraine prevention drugs, have side effects that also stifle your creativity. That’s why drug-free migraine treatment might be just what you’re looking for: a way to control your migraines while setting your creativity free.


The Link between Migraines and Creativity

There is disagreement about the link between migraines and creativity. Certainly, there have been many great artists who had migraines. This includes visionary painters like Vincent Van Gogh, George Seurat, and Claude Monet were all migraineurs. Composers who experienced migraines include Claude Debussy and Gustav Mahler. Many famous writers also struggled with migraines, such as Emily Dickinson, Virginia Woolf, Miguel de Cervantes, and Lewis Carroll.  

In some cases, their art was influenced by their headaches, especially impressionist and surrealist art. But the headaches could also interfere with productivity and make it hard for artists to function in their everyday lives.

Some have proposed that migraine characteristics such as aura can be inspiring and give artists a different perspective on life. Many migraineurs experience synesthesia as well as migraines. Synesthesia is when people have a cross experience of sensory data, such as colors associated with tastes. This can help artists portray life experience in a more richly evocative way.

Migraine Drugs Can Impair Creativity

Artists from years past didn’t have the option of modern migraine drugs, and it’s hard to know how they might have chosen if they could get rid of their migraines at the cost of their art. There is no truly verified link between migraines and creativity, but there is a link between migraine drugs and creativity.

Among the side effects of preventive migraine drugs are cognitive and behavioral disturbance. People may experience memory problems, and they might be unable to find the proper words when using migraine prevention drugs. This effect is actually quite common, with as much as 20% of people taking migraine drugs suffering this side effect. Being unable to remember important ideas and come up with the right words would definitely be stifling to a writer.

Acute glaucoma is a relatively rare side effect, but the fact that this complication can result in blindness would certainly give artists pause.

TMJ Treatment Can Prevent Migraines without Drugs

Does this mean that artists have to choose between migraine relief and art? Not necessarily. For many people, migraine is often triggered by TMJ. Treating TMJ can therefore reduce the frequency and intensity of migraines. And because TMJ treatment doesn’t alter your brain chemistry, it allows you to maintain your cognitive and creative abilities even while it prevents migraine attacks.

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