Dental Implants Fulfill Principles of Biomimetic Dentistry

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At the Center for Advanced Dentistry, we are dedicated to the ideals of biomimetic dentistry. And those ideals are well served with dental implants, which can be very natural in their material, their function, and their appearance.

Nashville implant dentist Dr. Kent E. White is an expert at biomimetic dentistry, and he applies its principles to ensure that his patients always receive quality dental work. And dental implants are the tooth replacement that best upholds these principles.

Dental Implants Preserve Natural Tooth Structure

Dental implants benefit from supporting themselves. Unlike dental bridges or removable dentures, dental implants are capable of supporting themselves by being anchored in the jawbone, like natural teeth.

A dental bridge requires that natural tooth structure be removed off two teeth to support the bridge. In many cases, the healthy teeth have nothing wrong with them and there’s no reason to remove the structure from these teeth. And once some of this natural structure is removed, we are asking these two teeth to do the work of three. This can put otherwise healthy teeth unnecessarily at risk.

Removable dentures also depend on natural teeth for support. Although the connection is not as strong, the way that dentures wrap around natural teeth can lead to tooth damage and may put teeth at risk.

Dental Implants Are Similar to Natural Tooth Structure

On the one hand, dental implants are nothing like natural teeth. They are made of titanium metal and ceramic crowns, not cementum and enamel. But the way they function is similar to your natural teeth. Like your tooth, a dental implant has two different materials: one for bonding with the bone and another for showing as a healthy, attractive crown.

Although titanium is not a metal commonly found in the body, the body can readily grow around it and remain healthy for a lifetime. This is a truly biocompatible material.

Dental implants can be very natural

Dental Implants Achieve a Natural Appearance

Of all the tooth replacement options, only a dental implant can truly achieve and maintain a natural tooth appearance. A dental implant is placed in your jawbone, and the gum tissue can grow up and around it and the crown, creating the appearance that the tooth not only belongs, but has been there all along.

With dental bridges, the teeth can be very convincingly crafted. The subtle connection between the supporting crowns and the replacement tooth are hard to pick out, and they’re beautifully made to look like natural teeth. But it can be hard to maintain the gum tissue around the dental bridge. Even if the bridge starts out with healthy gum tissue around it, the bone underneath can naturally be removed by the body once the tooth is gone, which can cause the loss of gum tissue around the replacement tooth.

Removable dentures can be very well crafted, but they can’t look truly natural when they won’t stay in place, and the securements on them can be a giveaway.

Dental Implants Work Well with the Whole

Dental implants not only support themselves, but they support the jawbone around them and the gum tissue supported by the bone. They also do their part in biting, chewing, and help maintain neuromuscular health of the jaw.

That’s because dental implants pass the force of biting and chewing into the jawbone, just like natural teeth.

Dental bridges do this, too, but they direct it sideways, with can create leverage on the supporting teeth. Sometimes, this leverage can actually torque the supporting teeth out. This is more common when a bridge is supported by only one tooth (cantilevered).

Dentures direct chewing and biting force onto your gums, which are not prepared to take the force of chewing. This can cause gum irritation and pain. It can even damage the bone underneath.

Like Natural Teeth, Dental Implants Can Last a Lifetime

Although dental implants aren’t exactly like natural teeth, they share the ability of your natural teeth to last a lifetime. Studies of dental implants show that they easily last 20 or 30 years, and some people have implants that have lasted much longer, up to 50 years.

Get the Most Natural Tooth Replacement Available

As with all the work Dr. White does, he strives to ensure that your dental implant results will be indistinguishable from your natural teeth, in form, in function, and in appearance.

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