Don’t Forget the Supporting Cast

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When people are considering cosmetic dentistry, a lot of times they focus on just the front teeth. While the appearance of these front teeth is vitally important for the appearance of your smile, it’s crucial that you look at the appearance of your smile as a whole, and not get obsessed with the appearance of any individual tooth. It’s also important to work with an expert cosmetic dentist like Dr. Kent E. White in Nashville, TN, who knows how to create a unified, attractive appearance for your smile.

Don’t Forget the Supporting Cast

The Central Features of Your Smile

When it comes to your smile, it’s easy to focus on the most prominent teeth. Your maxillary incisors and canines, the central six teeth on the top, are the ones that show most often when you smile or speak. The wide flat surfaces of the incisors take up most of the space in your smile, with those canines in support. Combined, these teeth may take up 50% or more of the span of your smile. But the other teeth can dramatically take away from your smile’s appearance if they’re not properly managed.

Buccal Corridors

Buccal corridor is the technical term cosmetic dentists use to talk about the space on either side of your smile between your teeth and your cheeks. This is the place where visible teeth extend into the distance ensuring a proper appearance for your buccal corridor makes a big difference in the overall appearance of your smile.

If your buccal corridor is too full, your smile will seem toothy. On the other hand, if there are not enough visible teeth in your buccal corridor, it can make your smile seem incomplete or unhealthy–it gives the impression of missing teeth, even if there are technically no teeth missing.

Scene Stealers

Although your side or back teeth aren’t supposed to be the central features of your smile, it doesn’t always work that way. Just as supporting actors can steal the scenes from the leads, these other teeth can draw attention.

Teeth that are misaligned in the side or back of your mouth can really draw the eye, as can teeth that are discolored because of trauma, decay, or older restorations. We want to make sure that there’re no teeth “waiting in the wings” to steal the show.

A Harmonious Appearance

If the teeth in the side or back of your mouth are unattractive, it gives us only three real options when considering restoring your front teeth. We can:

  • Make front teeth as unattractive as side or back teeth
  • Allow a mismatch between treated and untreated teeth
  • Restore all teeth for an attractive, harmonious appearance

Obviously, option 3 is the one we prefer. That way, you can have an entirely beautiful smile and never have to worry that smiling too wide is revealing teeth you’d rather keep hidden.

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