Dr. White Uses Oral DNA Testing to Help Manage Oral Health

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One of the things that separates Dr. Kent E. White from other Nashville dentists is his medical training. This allows him to take a different perspective on dentistry, and see many places where dentistry is lacking.

One of the shortcomings of dentistry is its tendency to be reactive. Dentists often see their job as fixing things in the mouth that are broken. Unfortunately, this means that people often end up with a mouth that is perpetually in only fair health with teeth that are constantly at the edge of breaking or failing.

But Dr. White’s approach is different. Not only does he take a comprehensive approach to oral health, but he also looks to identify ways not just to fix problems, but to get you healthy so you stay healthy. This means in part paying attention to your bite health with precise tools for measuring bite forces and joint health. But it also means paying attention to other risks in your mouth, some of which can be tracked with an oral DNA test.

Oral Bacteria and Your Risks

Gum disease might sound like an innocuous condition, but the truth is that periodontal disease is a bone infection. It can attack your bones and damage them, eventually causing your teeth to loosen and even fall out.

Oral bacteria come in many types. There are hundreds of catalogued common species and probably thousands more unknown. But not all oral bacteria are equally dangerous to your oral health. Oral DNA testing uses swabs of your saliva to determine what oral bacteria are found in your mouth and their relative numbers. That way, we can know which dangerous oral bacteria are present in your mouth. This helps us decide how aggressively to approach preventive treatment and what types of treatment to employ to protect your teeth.

HPV Testing

However, it’s not just oral bacteria that represents a threat to your health. Another risk is the presence of the human papillomavirus (HPV). Although HPV is a very common virus, it can also be very dangerous because of its role in triggering certain cancers. HPV has been implicated in genital cancers (including cervical and prostate cancers), but also in oral cancers. It’s important to know whether you are infected with this virus so we can respond appropriately.

Predicting Your Body’s Response

Another important piece of information oral DNA testing can give us is how your body is likely to respond to bacterial infection. With oral DNA testing, we can scan your genes for certain markers associated with unhealthy inflammatory responses. These inflammatory responses to bacterial infection can make bacterial infections more dangerous. They may also mediate between oral infections and systemic health problems like heart disease, cancer, and autoimmune disorders.

Understanding your body’s response will also help Dr. White make informed decisions about the best treatment for your oral health.

Enjoy the Benefits of a Medical Approach to Dentistry

If you’re tired of consistently poor oral health and your dentist can’t seem to help, maybe you need someone who takes a different approach. Nashville dentist Dr. Kent E. White has different training from most dentists, and he knows how to utilize this training with his native talent and insight to ensure the best health of his patients.

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