Hand, Eye, Mind: The Features That Define the Perfect Cosmetic Dentist

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Hand, Eye, Mind: The Features That Define the Perfect Cosmetic DentistIf you are trying find the best cosmetic dentist for you, it’s sometimes hard to figure out what traits you’re looking for. Every dentist is trying to sell you on a particular procedure or technology.

But while it’s important to find someone who offers the procedure or technology you need, it’s even more important to find the dentist whose talent makes him qualified to perform that procedure and use that technology to give you the proper care you need. Here are the features you really need to look for in a cosmetic dentist.

A Keen Eye

Some people just have an eye for aesthetics. It’s not unlike a person having the ability to distinguish complex flavors on their tongue and be able to identify not just the type of wine, but also the vintage, the location it was grown, and other details about the wine. Or like a musician who can hear a piece once and can immediately play it perfectly.

Dentists can’t fix what they can’t see. You want a talented cosmetic dentist who has an eye that allows them to precisely identify just what’s wrong with a smile, such as slight discolorations, tiny gaps, proportions that don’t quite match, and other potential problems. You might come in with cosmetic complaints you have noticed, but this talent is the difference between a dentist who just does what you tell them, and one that can see the subtle problems you couldn’t vocalize to give you a truly beautiful smile.

Unique Insight

All dentists are trained to some extent. And some dentists take more classes than others. But what truly sets a dentist apart is the ability to see things that other dentists can’t see. This is what separates a dentist who is truly a teacher and master from one who will always be a student.

This isn’t just a question of theoretical principles: a dentist without his own unique insight can only offer you the solutions he’s been taught. Chances are, this will boil down to the same three or four treatment options you’ve already been offered. If you’re looking for a dentist who can give you a unique approach, you need to find someone with unique insight.

A Steady Hand

Cosmetic dentistry ultimately has to be accomplished physically. What is it that takes the vision of the eye and the insight of the mind and makes the reality of your smile? The dentist’s hand. This can truly make the difference in the results you receive. If a dentist can’t control their hand when they’re working on your teeth, your result is likely to be poor in one way or another.

You want a dentist with the skill to actually perform the procedures they plan.

How Do You Find the Perfect Dentist?

It’s all well and good to know the things that you need to look for in a dentist. But how do you truly evaluate these talents in a dentist? You can’t ask directly about these, but there are ways you can find out, anyway.


Of course, one of the things your talented dentist needs to be able to do is deliver great results. Look carefully at a dentist’s smile gallery to find out if they can deliver the results you’re looking for. Go through the results and make sure the smiles don’t all seem the same. They should match the people who are receiving them.


Read what other people have to say about a dentist. Don’t just look at the star ratings: these can be deceiving. Instead, actually read the text of the reviews and look for words that refer to the dentist’s uniqueness or how they achieved things other dentists didn’t think were possible.


Before committing to working with a dentist, it’s good to see them in action. While a consultation may tell you many things, actually getting an exam from the dentist will tell you much more. Not only will you get to see their insights into the appearance of your smile, you’ll get a chance to witness how they handle some of their dental tools. This will help you decide if you really feel comfortable putting your smile in their hands.

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