How Going to the Dentist Can Make You Feel Better About Your Health

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Did you hear about the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) report showing that Tennesseans don’t feel very good about their health? We are significantly below the average when it comes to having positive feelings about our health, which is strange, because we’re actually ahead of the rest of the country in actually going to the doctor.

But maybe holistic dentistry holds the secret to improving people’s sense of their overall health.

Visiting a Doctor Doesn’t Help

The report showed that 78.9% of Tennesseans felt “good” or better about their health, compared to a national average of 82.9%. But the report also showed that Tennesseans were much more likely to see a doctor for a routine checkup. While 67.7% had a checkup nationally, in Tennessee, 75.4% of people had seen their doctor in the last year.

So if going to the doctor doesn’t make people feel better about their health, what can? How’s about visiting a dentist?

Certainly, the connection makes sense, because seeing a dentist is something that Tennesseans are missing out on. While 67.2% of Americans see their dentist every year, only 61.4% of Tennesseans had a dental checkup in the last year. Here’s why you might feel better about your health if you visit the dentist regularly.

Improve Diabetes

Diabetes can sap your energy, especially if you’re having difficulty controlling your blood sugar levels. Guess what: gum disease makes it harder for you to control your blood sugar. Unfortunately, uncontrolled blood sugar also makes gum disease worse. This creates a cycle that can make you feel terrible about your health.

Your dentist can prevent and treat gum disease to help improve your diabetes.

Sleep Apnea Screening and Treatment

Know what else can make you feel terrible about your health? Sleep apnea. Sleep apnea not only has serious impacts on your health, but it can dramatically impact your sense of your health, too. You may not feel an impending heart attack, but you will feel your daily sleepiness, the inability to get good rest at night, and the morning headaches.

You’ll also notice your depressed mood, which can make you feel bad about everything, including your health.

Your dentist can help you understand your sleep apnea risk, and has a treatment option that’s a comfortable alternative to CPAP.

TMJ Diagnosis and Treatment

Temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ or TMD) is a jaw condition whose effects reach far beyond your jaw. TMJ can cause headaches, tinnitus, neck pain, back pain, and tingling in your face, fingers, and elsewhere.

TMJ treatment helps resolve a wide range of health problems that your doctor may have difficulty diagnosing and treating. The result is that you will feel much more in control of your health.

More Nutritious Eating

Your body needs nutritious food to maintain your health. If you aren’t eating right, your health can go downhill rapidly. Unfortunately, if your teeth are damaged or decayed, it’s easy to get into unhealthy eating habits. Processed foods are soft and easy to eat. They’re also high in fat, salt, and sugar but low in so many other things your body needs like vitamins, fiber, and more.

Getting your oral health fixed will help you return to better eating, and you’ll be amazed at how much healthier you’ll feel.

A Beautiful Smile

Wait, you’re thinking, what does a beautiful smile have to do with my health? A lot. A healthy smile is a beautiful smile, and all the conditions above can be accompanied by damage to your teeth and gums.

Besides which, we’re talking about how you feel about your health, and your smile is something that you encounter in the mirror every day. If it’s unhealthy or damaged, it’s a very visible reminder that not all is right with your body.

But if you take the time to take care of your smile, repair the damage, and improve the function, you’ll be amazed at how well the rest of your health may fall in line.

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