Is Your Dentist Using Half Measures That Let Your Smile Fail? Our Full Smile Solution Is about Success

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Many dentists treat dentistry like car repair. They’re focused on basic maintenance and repair. They perform simple maintenance procedures that they think will help preserve your teeth, and then they respond to problems as they arise.

They repair one tooth at a time, treating that tooth as seems best. Then they’ll go on to the next tooth. And the next. The assumption is that each tooth will break in time, and that, like as not, you’ll end up having all your teeth fail and need to have them replaced.

But your teeth are not supposed to fail. Your teeth are designed to last a lifetime–and they can, if cared for properly. Nashville neuromuscular dentist Dr. Kent E. White takes a comprehensive approach to your smile and the result is healthy teeth treated comprehensively so they function properly and look beautiful.

A More Comprehensive Perspective

Most dentists are obsessed with their focused area of the teeth and gums. As a result, they think that the biggest threat to your teeth and gums is what’s on your teeth and gums: plaque and bacteria. And for some people that may be true, but for many, many people, you can’t see the biggest danger to your teeth unless you widen your view.

The mouth has many important functions, and to fulfill these functions, it should develop harmoniously as part of the comprehensive system that includes your airway, muscles, and joints. It also has to cope with the way these systems are impacted by time and use, including the physical habits that you pick up over time, which may be influenced by psychological and emotional factors. And it is also impacted by your own biochemical systems, including your immune system, cardiovascular system, and digestive system. Your mouth is an integral part of all these systems, and can’t be treated separately from them.

Benefits of a Comprehensive Approach

We know that many people don’t care about the theoretical side of things. They’re more interested in how this will impact their dental care, and how it might benefit them. The good news is: these benefits are clear and easy to understand.

Keep your teeth longer: Many dentists assume that your teeth are failing, and see their job as simply postponing that. But we know that your teeth are an amazing design that can and should last a lifetime. By taking a comprehensive approach, we are able to see and anticipate more potential threats to your teeth and make sure your teeth won’t be impacted by them.

Have longer-lasting restorations: It’s not always possible to avoid having to repair teeth, especially if you’ve spent a lifetime being cared for by narrow-perspective dentists who have given you a mouth full of poorly repaired teeth. When we add restorations to your mouth, we don’t look at it as just treating that tooth. The new restoration–like your old tooth–has to fit into all the complex systems of which your mouth is a part. We will make sure that it is physically, chemically, and aesthetically harmonious–this protects the restoration and your natural teeth, reducing the need for future restorations.

Have a more beautiful smile: One of the problems with patchwork dentistry is that it looks like a patchwork. The restorations don’t match each other, nor do they match your natural teeth. But when we treat your teeth harmoniously, you end up with a harmonious appearance: it all looks beautiful together.

Experience the Benefits of Comprehensive Dentistry

If you’re tired of dentistry that’s designed to let you down (gently), maybe it’s time for a change. We offer cosmetic dentistry, restorative dentistry, TMJ treatment, and other medical-based dentistry procedures.

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