Look for Dr. White on Fresh Episodes of “The Wellness Hour”

Boutique Dentistry for Nashville, Tennessee

Nashville Dentist Dr. Kent White is thrilled to be able to share his message about how a custom cosmetic dentistry plan can produce the best smile of your life on “The Wellness Hour,” a trusted health news broadcast.

This informational show has become a destination for doctors like Dr. White who want to talk directly to the public about their work, and patients who are seeking detailed information to inform medical and dental health decisions.

Dr. White has already had the pleasure of representing his Nashville cosmetic dentistry services on “The Wellness Hour” by speaking about such procedures as:

Our Nashville dentist also capitalizes on these television appearances to describe exactly what makes his aesthetic dentistry practice different from others in this field.

Here are just two of the reasons that people just like you seek out Dr. White when their smiles need help:

Reason No. 1: Dr. White is devoted to biomimetic dentistry, or treatment options that restore natural health and beauty to your teeth, mouth and gums.

Reason No. 2: Unlike many other dentists who perform cosmetic and aesthetic procedures, Dr. White’s training included an optional medical residency.

You can find the complete catalogue of episodes of “The Wellness Hour,” including forthcoming aesthetic dentistry interviews featuring Dr. White from the Center for Advanced Dentistry in Nashville, on “The Wellness Hour” YouTube channel at the links below:

  • Cosmetic Dentistry https://youtu.be/1Mh5DVBllQE
  • Biomimetic Dentistry https://youtu.be/-9wyVdJse50
  • Background and Training https://youtu.be/qrzTxKQmUm8

When you need a Nashville dentist who relies on the latest medical and dental technology to deliver the best smile of your life, please contact the Center for Advanced Dentistry online or call us directly at (615) 383-6787 to book an appointment with Dr. White.