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Comprehensive Advanced Aesthetic Dentistry

Dr. Kent E. White’s expertise in aesthetic enhancement, restorative care, neuromuscular dentistry, biomimetics and laser treatment translates into comprehensive, long lasting and natural-looking solutions for his patients.

He is constantly in pursuit of the highest quality of care for his patients.

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Because people are much more health conscious and aware of how their smile can impact their confidence, Dr. White’s abilities fill an area of dentistry currently not comprehensively implemented or achieved very consistently. He has pioneered the use of metal-free ceramics and porcelain for crowns and veneers and resin restorative procedures instead of silver/mercury fillings.

As an instructor at the prestigious Las Vegas Institute, he was also able to share his expertise in creating beautiful new smiles. While at the LVI, he taught and mentored the top dentists in the world in the science and art of aesthetic dentistry. Currently, about one percent of dentists pursues this level of training.

In Nashville and other communities he is still teaching dentists the value of conservative, metal-free dentistry, and how to rehabilitate a smile and straighten teeth using non-orthodontic alignment. Finally, he uses his background in neuromuscular dentistry to offer you proper balance for pain free function.


Includes Restorative/Reconstructive Dentistry
“Our goal is to restore teeth back to their original health, strength and beauty in the most conservative manner possible,” explains Dr. White. “We’re finding that, given the choice, most people would prefer to have the new dental materials and preserve healthy tooth structure rather than what is currently being taught in dental schools around the country.”

Dr. White has a high level of proficiency in reconstructive dentistry. He was one of the first dentists in North America to complete Full Mouth Reconstructive Training at the World’s Premier Post-Graduate teaching center. At the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies he undertook intensive hands-on training. He learned the latest principles of proper function.

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Given that training and his constant quest for better solutions, he is able to provide valuable treatments that give the patient many benefits including increased function, relief from years of pain, prevention of future discomfort and achievement of longer-term health.

In combination with his understanding of neuromuscular and aesthetic dentistry, Dr. White has transformed his practice into a place for healing, happiness and health.

Plus Neuromuscular Dentistry

This kind of expertise is unique. It’s an approach that looks at other causes for neuromuscular pain and prevention of pain before focusing all the attention on teeth. Neuromuscular dentistry isn’t brand new, but the diagnostic technology has caught up to the treatment.

If the muscles of your face and jaw are not in correct balance it can affect many other muscles of your head, neck, shoulders and back. Dr. White is able to determine your proper resting posture and then provide treatments that give you pain free results.

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Associations and Memberships

  • Las Vegas Institute of Advanced Dental Studies
  •  Has been an Instructor and Trainer at LVI in conservative, metal-free dentistry, smile rehabilitation, neuromuscular dentistry and non-orthodontic straightening  
  • American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry
  • Academy of Laser Dentistry – gum line contouring, periodontics, drill-free denistry
  • Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology
  • Academy of General Dentistry
  • American Dental Association
  • Tennessee Dental Association
  • Third District Dental Society
  • American Association of Hospital Dentists
  • Who’s Who in America – lifetime member

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