Myth: Root Canals Cause Cancer

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The internet contains lots of false information that sadly some people believe. One of the most common myths about root canals out there is that they cause cancer. At the Center for Advanced Dentistry, Dr. White is here to debunk this common root canal myth and help you understand just how beneficial root canals are to your health.

patient looks into a mirror while his dentists looks on, describing a root canal

Do Root Canals Cause Cancer?

No. This myth about root canals is actually scientifically incorrect. It’s also a public health hazard that this false information can prevent people from getting a procedure they actually need. The myth roots back to the 1920s based on research from dentist, Dr. Weston Price. Price ran a series of poorly designed and flawed tests to conclude that root canals cause cancer and other harmful diseases.

Based on his research, he believed that teeth that have had a root canal contain harmful toxins that can cause cancer, heart disease, arthritis, and other conditions.

Disproving Myths About Root Canals

Some of the problems associated with Price’s research include:

  • Poorly controlled conditions for his experiments
  • Tests were done in unsterilized environments
  • No other researcher has been able to duplicate the same results

As of today, no peer-reviewed studies can prove that root canals cause cancer or other health problems.

How Do Root Canals Benefit Your Health

One of the biggest problems with rumors about common dental procedures causing health problems, such as cancer, is that it might prevent a patient from seeking dental care that can actually benefit their health. Root canals can actually benefit your health, despite what these rumors say.

For one, when you receive a root canal, it improves your health by removing an infection from your body. Once the infection is removed from your tooth, it cannot travel throughout your bloodstream and reach your lungs, heart or brain. This can save your life!

Root canals also benefit your health because they save your tooth from needing an extraction. Once a tooth becomes extracted, there’s no going back. You either have to live with a missing tooth or opt for a replacement option like a dental bridge or dental implant. Unless you go with a dental implant, you’re also going to experience bone loss in your jaw. This can cause teeth to shift, and for your facial features to change. When you get a root canal, you don’t have to worry about any of these problems.

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