Neurologist Calls Cost of Migraines “Untenable”

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Cost of Migraines

Migraines are extremely painful, often disabling headaches. Their impact on individuals and the economy is so great that a neurologist writing in the Boston Business Journal called it “untenable.” John Dunlop, Vice President for Neuroscience Discovery Research, wrote that the cost of migraines is too high. Since most of the cost of migraines comes from lost productivity, successful preventive treatments can dramatically cut down on this cost.

The High Cost to Families

The people hit hardest by the cost of migraines are the individuals who suffer them and their families. In terms of monetary cost, it’s a significant burden. Families with a migraine sufferer in them may pay 70% more in annual healthcare costs. At the same time, it can be hard for migraineurs to maintain a job, and when they do, they may miss many days at work. Although the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) may help people preserve their jobs when they or a family member has migraines, it only grants unpaid leave, so people end up with less money to cover their increased expenses.

And this monetary cost is only part of the heavy burden of migraines. People with migraines often have to miss out on family activities. This can put a strain on the cohesiveness of the family, and it can lead to a seriously diminished quality of life.

To try to deal with the personal and financial costs of migraines, many people turn to preventive treatments. However, these are far from ideal. They can be expensive, too, and they often come with serious side effects. And they don’t work as well as people want. They often diminish headache frequency and severity, but maybe not enough.

As a result, most people who try preventive migraine treatments give up on them within a year.

High Cost to the Economy

But it isn’t just sick individuals and their families who suffer as a result of migraines. It affects all of us. Who pays for all the days when people can’t make it to work? That costs employers money, and, indirectly, it costs the rest of us, too.

In terms of pure monetary cost, this accounts for the vast majority of the monetary cost of migraines, nearly 70% of those costs, about $55 billion a year, according to the most recent estimates.

Employers would definitely like to see more effective preventive migraine treatments. This will help employees miss fewer work days and help them be more productive when they’re there.

Control the Cost of Your Migraines

An effective preventive migraine treatment can potentially save you, your family, and your employer from the high cost of migraines. One migraine prevention treatment that many people don’t know about is TMJ treatment.

For many people, TMJ contributes to their migraine risk. Treating TMJ gives a drug-free way to reduce migraine severity and frequency.

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