New App Will Rate Your Smiles

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If you aren’t sure how others might regard your smile, a new app capable of rating your smile is being developed by Japanese cosmetics firm Shiseido. The function of the smile-rating app is to rate smiles not only in an overall most attractive smile, but also to breakdown the smile’s appeal into several different categories.

The app will begin testing in July and may be available commercially as early as next year. Of course, you don’t need an app to tell you how attractive your smile is — you can gauge that by the reactions of those around you.

A Smile in Motion

The app is said to work by looking at a person’s facial movements to construct a smile that is rated from 0 to 120. The overall rating, though, may not reflect all the different qualities that a smile conveys to other people. For that, developers built the app to provide ratings in many different categories, including whether a smile is lively, friendly, positive, beautiful, attractive, elegant, and trustworthy. There are probably some translation issues going on here, and perhaps Japanese people are more aware of the distinction the company is trying to make between a beautiful smile and an attractive.

The goal is not just to help people achieve an optimal smile, but to develop a range of smiles that can be utilized in a wide range of social situations. There may be times when you call on your elegant smile and other times when the lively smile is the best approach.

Developing an extensive vocabulary of smiles is an essential talent for people in the hospitality industry, the eventual target for the app. To help prepare the app for market, starting in July it will be evaluated by 5000 Japan Airlines flight attendants, who will use the app daily for several months and give feedback.

How Is Your Smile Rated?

Of course, we don’t have to wait until this app makes its way to the US to figure out how our smile is rated. We can find that out by gauging the responses people have to our smile on a daily basis. Whenever you flash your smile, gauge people’s responses. First of all, they should smile back.

Next, you should notice that they are more positively disposed to you and your ideas. They should get a more positive impression of you and should remember your name better.

If, on the other hand, you aren’t getting a positive response to your smile, it’s time to consider what can be done to make it better.

The Best Foundation for Any Smile

If you are looking for the best smile, whether your ideal is elegant, beautiful, or lively, it’s important to start with your teeth, which are the central feature of your smile. You have to be happy with the appearance of your teeth if you are going to be happy with your smile.

And once you are happy with your smile, you will gain another essential aspect of a great smile: confidence.

But if you are unhappy with the appearance of your teeth, cosmetic dentistry can help. From simple teeth whitening to a dramatic smile makeover, Nashville, TN cosmetic dentist Dr. Kent E. White can help you get the smile of your dreams. To learn more, please call  for an appointment at the Center for Advanced Dentistry.