New Study Shows the Impact of Migraines on Family Life

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Migraines have the potential to impact every aspect of life. Now a new study reveals that migraines can dramatically impact a person’s family life, resulting in feelings of being a poor parent, marital strife, and concerns about the future.

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A Web-Based Study Yields Insights

The new data comes from the CaMEO study, a web-based study that initially recruited over two million migraineurs to help answer various critical questions about the incidence and impact of migraines. Of these over two million initial respondents, the number was selectively limited to a total of only about 16,000 who were invited to answer questions in the family burden module of the questionnaire. The study also identified over 4000 couples including migraineurs and their spouses, including nearly 2300 that had children.

Migraineurs were divided into four categories:

  • Low-frequency episodic migraine: 1-4 migraine days/month
  • Moderate-frequency episodic migraine: 5-9 migraine days/month
  • High-frequency episodic migraine: 10-14 migraine days/month
  • Chronic migraine: 15+ migraine days/month

The responses for each category of migraineur were compared to determine the level of impact that each type of migraine had on family life.

Questions looked at six different categories of impact on family life, including:

  • Reduced participation or enjoyment of family activities
  • Missed or canceled events
  • Interaction with spouse
  • Financial impact
  • Effect of parent-child interactions on child
  • Effect of parent-child interactions on migraineur

They found that in all categories of experience, the impact was proportional to level of migraines. For example, people with chronic migraine tended to have more negative family experiences. From 48-57% of migraineurs had reduced participation or enjoyment in family activities.

Migraineurs also had to deal with stigma related to their condition. About 24% of low-frequency episodic migraineurs didn’t think their spouses believed the severity of their condition. That increased to nearly 44% for those with chronic migraines. And migraine cast a dark cloud over their futures. About a third of migraineurs believed that their condition put their financial security at risk.

Perhaps the most telling response was that most believed they would be better parents without their migraine burden. However, while only about 30% of those with low-frequency migraine felt they could do better without migraines, nearly 72% of those with chronic migraine felt they could be better parents without migraines.

Let Us Relieve Your Burden

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