One Restoration Is Broken — Do the Others Need Replacing, Too?

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Modern cosmetic dentistry like porcelain veneers are very durable, but no restorations last forever (with the possible exception of dental implants). The restorations from a smile makeover may have lasted for years, even decades, but once one of them breaks, it’s time to consider replacing them all.

Here are some reasons why it might be time to makeover your smile makeover.

Old Restorations Might Be Failing

If your smile makeover was done properly, all your restorations have been bearing the force of biting and chewing equally. That means that if one has failed, the others might be failing. Ceramics don’t fatigue and lose strength the same way that metals and plastics do, but tiny cracks can develop in the ceramic that will grow over time. These cracks can enlarge and turn into failures. We’ll examine your other restorations for cracks and let you know if these restorations are at risk.

Ceramics might also fail because they’ve lost their glaze. When they’re new, ceramics can shed stains because they are coated in a hard glaze that keeps the staining liquids out. This glaze can be slowly worn off. If you’re brushing with regular toothpaste, studies show it takes about 11 years to remove the glaze, but if you’re using a special low-abrasive toothpaste, the glaze can last much longer. Once the glaze is gone, the ceramic restorations will be vulnerable to staining.

Most often, though, it’s not the restoration that fails, it’s the tooth. Decay around or under veneers and crowns can make your teeth vulnerable to serious damage. We’ll have to remove your old restorations to treat decay, and then we’ll have to place new ones.

Old Restorations Look Unattractive

If your veneers are twenty years old or more, it’s not a surprise that they might show their age. If your veneers and crowns have lost their glaze, they can not only become stained, they will have lost their luster. This is especially unattractive if they have only lost part of their glaze, so there are dull regions on your teeth bordered by shiny ones. Small cracks might also acquire stains.

It’s also possible that you were never happy with your restorations–not all cosmetic dentistry lives up to its name–and you’ve been dealing with that. But now is the right time to consider a whole new set that will give you a truly beautiful smile. The training and talent of Dr. Kent E. White sets him apart from other dentists in the Nashville area, and he will be able to give you results that will truly make you smile.

We Can’t Match Old Restorations

Dental technology is constantly advancing. Porcelain veneers and dental crowns that are ten or twenty years old might be made of materials that are simply no longer available. Or if we can get the material, it might be prohibitively expensive.

We can try to match your old restorations with new materials, but the results are uncertain. Cosmetic dentistry technology has advanced to become more like natural teeth, and matching old restoration materials is a challenge. You’ll be happier with new, matching restorations.

Actual patient of Dr. Kent White

Old Restorations Can Be Causing Problems

With only one failed restoration, it’s likely that your bite isn’t putting excessive pressure on the restorations. But it might be putting pressure elsewhere. A smile makeover designed without the benefit of neuromuscular dentistry can lead to TMJ and other bite problems. We might find that some of your natural teeth have been worn down, and your jaw joint is suffering damage or wear.

You might have symptoms like jaw pain, headaches, tinnitus, dizziness, and others that you don’t realize are connected to your old restorations.

When we evaluate the state of your restorations, we will determine whether they are contributing to bite problems and whether replacing them (and potentially repairing other teeth) will eliminate your symptoms.

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