Principles of Biomimetic Dentistry

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As we have mentioned before, Nashville cosmetic dentist Dr. Kent E. White is a leader in the field of biomimetic dentistry. This can help him provide you with high-quality dental care that is durable, functional, and very attractive.

But what is biomimetic dentistry? Here are some of the essential principles of the discipline so you can understand how biomimetic dentistry can help you.

Preserve Natural Tooth Structure

One of the essential principles of biomimetic dentistry is that none of the restorations we use are as durable and attractive as your natural tooth structure. Therefore, we work to preserve your natural teeth as much as possible. We only remove the decayed structure, and then we use restorations that bond directly to the natural tooth, creating a seal that locks out bacteria and other contaminants.

When these restorations inevitably fail, they do so in such a way that your teeth can still be repaired and preserved. This reduces the number of root canals necessary, and increases the likelihood that your teeth will last a lifetime.

Use Materials Similar to Natural Tooth Structure

In order to achieve the ideal of minimal invasiveness, it’s important to use materials that function as close to your natural tooth structure as possible. This includes ceramic materials, which are similar to the hard, brittle enamel, and composite resins, which are flexible like the dentin within the tooth.

It does not include materials like metal amalgam, which is antithetical to the health of your teeth. It doesn’t function like natural tooth material in any way and can contribute to additional damage to your teeth.

Achieve a Natural Appearance

Biomimetic literally means “imitation of life,” and that includes the appearance. That’s why biomimetic dentistry and cosmetic dentistry go hand in hand.  The materials we use are also similar to the appearance of your natural tooth material. That means that when we complete restorations, your mouth won’t look as if it’s full of restorations, it will look like it’s full of beautiful, healthy teeth — which it will be.

Parts Have to Work with the Whole

Your body isn’t designed as a bunch of independent mechanisms–every part works in close association with other parts. When there’s a dysfunction in one part, the consequences may be seen in other places. That’s why a problem with one tooth may actually be caused by a problem in another tooth or possibly even a systemic problem, such as TMJ.

Sometimes this means that treatment of your problem may not be accomplished with a minimal, conservative solution. It might require a full reconstruction that takes into account the systemic causes. However, this is actually a conservative solution, because it can prevent future damage to your teeth and jaw.

A Dentist Focused on Health, not Just Repairs

Essentially, biomimetic dentistry is focused on ensuring you have healthy teeth and a healthy mouth. Our goal isn’t just to repair damage as it arises, but to minimize your risk of damage in the future.

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