Should You Stick with Your Bite Splint or Get Full Mouth Reconstruction for TMJ?

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It’s an amazing feeling when you finally get relief from your TMJ symptoms. All that jaw pain, the headaches, tinnitus, and vertigo that you’ve been dealing with for months or years are finally gone. And it’s all thanks to your bite splint and your neuromuscular dentist.

But after several months of successful treatment, it’s time to make an important decision: keep using your bite splint or get full mouth reconstruction for your TMJ?

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Understanding Full Mouth Reconstruction

Full mouth reconstruction is a TMJ treatment that seeks to internalize the results of your bite splint therapy. You’ve been relying on a bite splint to hold your jaw in a comfortable position. And it’s worked. But wouldn’t it be nice to get the same results without the bite splint?

With full mouth reconstruction, we can build up your teeth with restorations like dental crowns and bridges to the point that they will fit together to hold your jaw in a comfortable position.

This isn’t the right treatment for everyone, so how do you know if it’s right for you?

Your Dentist Says You’re a Good Candidate

A successful full mouth reconstruction depends on the skill, training, and experience of your neuromuscular and restorative dentist. Nashville, TN TMJ dentist Dr. Kent E. White will perform a comprehensive evaluation of your neuromuscular system to determine whether you’re a good candidate for full mouth reconstruction.

If your dentist doesn’t recommend taking this extra step, don’t do it. If your dentist isn’t recommending the next step, there’s probably a good reason why not. Of course, you should consider a second opinion if you want a reconstruction but your dentist doesn’t recommend it.

You Are Unhappy with the Bite Splint

Some people adapt quickly to the bite splint and it doesn’t bother them anymore after a short time. They can speak clearly, have no difficulty with eating, and find that any nuisance is gone by the time they start considering full mouth reconstruction.

But for others the bite splint remains a nuisance. They develop a lisp and can’t make themselves understood. They dislike the foreign body sensation of having the bite splint in. It’s difficult to eat. They misplace their bite splint or have difficulty cleaning it. Basically, they want to get rid of the bite splint as soon as possible. If this describes you, then a full mouth reconstruction is a good choice.

You Have to Keep Wearing the Bite Splint All Day

Ideally, you will start out wearing the bite splint all day, then transition to only wearing it at night. But if you have to keep wearing your bite splint 24 hours a day to maintain your results, you’re more likely to be unhappy with it. And if you need 24-hour repositioning of your jaw, your teeth may be a better option for that than a bite splint.

Your Teeth Need Repair

Many people experience damage to their teeth because of TMJ. A full mouth reconstruction will repair damaged teeth, making them beautiful, functional, and healthy in the process.

You may be unhappy with the appearance of your teeth because of the damage, or you may dislike the appearance of mismatched restorations. Maybe your teeth are sensitive because of cracking or wear. No matter what the problem, full mouth reconstruction can be the answer to TMJ-damaged teeth.

Are You Looking for Full Mouth Reconstruction in Nashville?

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