Six Reasons Why You Have Receding Gums

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If you’ve looked in the mirror recently to see your teeth looking yellow near the gum line, this isn’t a stain on your teeth, it’s likely a receding gum. When your gums begin to recede, it exposes your tooth’s dentin which naturally has a yellow hue. You might also start to experience increased sensitivity when exposed to hot or cold temperatures. Eventually, receding gums can result in pockets between your teeth where bacteria can build-up. Without treatment, this can result in gum disease (if you don’t already have it), bone loss, and tooth loss. So why does gum recession happen? Discover six of the top reasons below.

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1. Gum Disease

One of the first causes of gum recession is gum disease. Gum disease is a bacterial infection in your gums that slowly destroys gum tissue and eventually the bone that holds your teeth in place. As the gum tissue gets destroyed, it will pull away from your teeth and cause receding gums.

2. Hormonal Changes

Changes in your hormones such as during puberty, menopause, or pregnancy, can make gums more sensitive than usual. Their increased sensitivity makes them more prone to gum disease and gum recession.

3. Poor Oral Hygiene

If you don’t brush, floss, or visit the dentist regularly for dental cleanings, your poor oral health can result in receding gums. This is because the plaque along your gum line can harden into tartar, inflame your gums, and cause gum recession. If you try to brush off the tartar by vigorously brushing your teeth, this can also cause gum recession and enamel erosion.

4. Genetics

Another common cause of receding gums is genetics. Some people are more genetically prone to get gum disease regardless of their oral hygiene routine.

5. Crooked Teeth or Misaligned Bites

If your teeth don’t come together properly, it might place too much force on your gums. As your gums experience this continuous force, they will begin to recede.

6. Clenching and Grinding

Like with crooked teeth or misaligned bites, clenching and grinding habits can have the same effect on your gums. As you constantly put pressure on your gums all night long, your gums will begin to recede away from the pressure.

Prevent Receding Gums or Get Treatment in Nashville

If you’re worried you will get receding gums or that you already have them, you’re in luck. Center for Advanced Dentistry offers both treatments to prevent receding gums as well as treatments to repair your receding gums. We can treat gum disease, misaligned bites, prevent clenching and grinding, and restore your teeth back to health.

If you’re looking for prevention or treatment, we encourage you to contact our cosmetic dentist in Nashville for more information today. Please call (615) 383-6787 to book an appointment.