Start Your Smile Transformation with a Mini Makeover

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Many people want cosmetic dentistry but don’t get it. There are many possible reasons for this, but sometimes the thought of transforming your smile might seem like too much. It might be too expensive, too involved, and, frankly, you might not have confidence that it will work.

If you find  yourself in this situation, here’s one way to get around it: start with a mini smile makeover. Basically, focus on one aspect of your smile to correct, and do that. You may eventually want to achieve the smile of your dreams, but for now, it might be good to make small goals that seem realistic and achievable. Expert Nashville cosmetic dentist Dr. Kent E. White can help you achieve whatever results you’re looking for, whether it’s a simple change or a major transformation.

A young woman smiling due to the benefit of a mini makeover

Benefits of a Mini Makeover

Why would you elect to get a mini makeover that won’t achieve your ultimate smile goals? There are actually several good reasons.

First, it is easier to fit in your budget. We understand: a full smile makeover can be expensive. While we offer financing options that can help you fit cosmetic dentistry into your budget, we understand if that’s also a little hard to bite off on at first.

And maybe it’s not the money that’s a problem, but the time, effort, and, possibly, the change itself. Completely transforming your smile is a big ask, but maybe it’s easier for you to commit to a simpler procedure.

Commitment can be especially hard if you don’t have confidence that cosmetic dentistry can achieve the results you’re looking for. Frankly, though, you should have confidence. Look at the results Dr. White has achieved for other patients. Read some testimonials and reviews. Still reluctant? Committing to a mini makeover is easier. And it will help you see for yourself the transformative power of the discipline. You’ll gain the confidence to proceed.

A mini makeover also has the benefit of letting you stop at any time, but not preventing you from continuing if  you want. At any stage, you can decide that you’re done, and you can stop.

Examples of Mini Makeovers

So what do we mean by a mini-makeover? It can be any cosmetic dentistry procedure that’s focused on correcting one small concern you have about your smile.

For example, if you’re unhappy with the color of your teeth, you can start with teeth whitening. You’ll see that your teeth get whiter. This might be enough for you, but it might also show that you have other concerns about the appearance of your smile. Or maybe you’ll decide you want your teeth whiter and build on  your mini makeover with veneers, which can make your teeth as white as you want.

But maybe you have a smile gap that you want to address. We can easily close that smile gap in just one visit thanks to dental bonding.

On the other hand, perhaps there’s just one tooth that you don’t like the shape of, either since it developed or perhaps since it experienced some trauma. You can take care of that tooth with bonding or veneers. Then decide if  you’d like to expand your makeover to include the rest of your smile.

If You’re Looking for a Nashville Cosmetic Dentist

If you’re unhappy with your smile, we have the ability to transform it so you can enjoy the beautiful smile of your dreams. But if you’re not ready for that yet, we can also start with a mini makeover.

Dr. Kent White is a highly trained and deftly skilled cosmetic dentist. He is capable of dramatic transformations and subtle changes, and he can help you with smile makeovers big and small. To schedule an appointment with Dr. White, please call the Center for Advanced Dentistry today at (615) 383-6787.