The Benefits T-Scan Gives You

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Some dentists look at technology the way kids look at toys: they want them all. But Nashville cosmetic dentist Dr. Kent White takes a careful approach. He doesn’t just pick up technologies that seem cool: he carefully evaluates every technology before deciding to purchase it. He won’t add a technology to his practice unless he can clearly point out the benefits that his patients will receive.

And with a dental technology like T-Scan, that’s easy to do.

What Is T-Scan?

T-Scan is a relatively new technology that has been developed to help measure bite force digitally. It’s the only digital bite measurement system that’s been clinically evaluated. The T-Scan is made up of two parts: a reusable computerized bite plate that you take between your teeth and bite down on. This part is just for you–we will store it for future uses. And a handle that interprets the bite data and sends it to a computer, where it can be analyzed.

Precise Diagnosis

Perhaps the biggest benefit of T-Scan is that it gives precise diagnosis. In the past, our understanding of your bite forces had to be assembled from many different sources like your personal description of biting and chewing, the appearance of wear on your teeth, and the results from articulating paper–the stuff you bite down on that marks your teeth. These gave an incomplete and sometimes contradictory story about your bite.

But with T-Scan we get precise and accurate data about your bite. We also get it in real time. We can see exactly where and when your teeth contact, how much force they contact with, and how long that force lasts.

Not only that, but we can call up this data on the computer so you can see it, too. You’ll get to understand what exactly is happening with your bite and you’ll understand the origins of problems you’re experiencing, such as TMJ.

Fewer Remakes

One of the benefits of T-Scan is that it allows us to better plan your restorations, like porcelain veneers, dental crowns, and dental implants. This helps us get these restorations right the first time. That way, you won’t have to come into our office again after a dental crown is made that just doesn’t fit.

This will save you time and hassle, which will make you happier.

Greater Comfort

Another benefit of precise measurements of bite is that we can make sure your new restorations are precisely fitted. We’ve talked to many people in our office who had a crown or other restoration that just didn’t feel right after they left their dentist’s office.

Usually, those restorations were fitted using the imprecise techniques we’ve talked about above. Just a quick tap-tap-tap with articulating paper isn’t always enough to show how much bite force is really being put on a dental crown. It also won’t show if the new restoration is causing excess force somewhere else in your bite. But T-Scan will show us your entire bite, accurately, allowing us to make sure that your restorations are completely comfortable by the time you leave our office.

Avoid Future Problems

One of the principles of biomimetic dentistry practiced by Dr. White is that we want to preserve your natural tooth material whenever possible. That includes avoiding wear whenever we can. But to avoid wear, we need to know about imbalanced bite force before it begins to show up as wear on your enamel.

T-Scan lets us do this. We can measure force that is likely to cause wear before it starts to cause visible wear. This will help you save your teeth, restorations, and even your jaw joints from damage.

Experience the Benefits of Advanced Technology

T-Scan is just one of the many technologies that Dr. White has incorporated into his practice at the Center for Advanced Technology. But it’s a good example of how these technologies can benefit you.

If you want to learn more about these benefits firsthand, please call (615) 383-6787 today for an appointment with Dr. White at the Center for Advanced Dentistry in Nashville, TN.