The Picture of Dental Health: How About 5 Times That Plus!

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Today, things should be better! The overall economy. Home prices. Health insurance… 

While there are many things we can't control, what about those areas we could change? Like something we would change if we discovered a better way forward, a different approach, a valuable advancement… 

Presenting pictures of how some of Dr. Kent E. White's patients have moved forward with their dental care is very helpful to many people. Yet, besides these pictures, the happiness, and confidence depicted and the oral health highlighted, each one has an individual story.

However, many of Dr. White's patients merely want more from their dentistry, not just what others usually get, history provided them or insurance suggests they need, maybe even all they deserve.
  • What do you think of dental care today? 
  • Have you decided to avoid going to the dentist because of the ongoing cost, visit anxiety or how dentists 'treat' you? 
  • Does the dentistry you think of today, still remind you of the dentistry you received 20 or more years ago? 

No matter what your current circumstances are, there is a time that is right for you to move forward with the dental health you deserve. There is no pressure. Rushing you forward would be counterproductive. Dr. Kent White's dental team is prepared for you to decide on your care. 

As dentists providing advanced dentistry, Dr. White understands no one can be pushed into a decision that provides such a remarkable change in their overall personality. To rush you into such dental treatment, would not make possible the impressive value you see presented in this blog post. 

Additionally, and more vital to everyone's oral health, most of Dr. Kent White's patients come in exclusively for the comprehensive preventative care we provide. Advanced dentistry would not be advanced if it was merely 'cosmetic' dentistry. A term that is less helpful than the visual value it achieves. 

Cosmetic is not really what Dr. White's about, and never has been. Because it was 'simple' to understand cosmetic was heavily promoted during the early development of natural looking restorations and treatments like veneers, and porcelain crowns. 

Of course, Google encouraged the usage of the search term 'cosmetic dentistry' to such an extent it is difficult to not use this superficial term in some way. Otherwise, dentists would never have gotten out the message out about the initial advancements in dentistry that were concerned with more than cavities, fillings and fixing broken teeth. 

That said, Dr. Kent E. White, has for many years, been using the more comprehensive term of advanced dentistry, along with his additional expertise in Neuromuscular dentistry. The next step in his transition to even more advanced dentistry is to use the term biomimetic.

Since we are living longer, we want to keep our teeth even longer. To keep most of our teeth a lifetime, even all of them, which is more possible than many people think, we have to detect disease earlier on. 

Then we must realize, long term results require some element of long term thinking, an expectation of value, a realistic investment and a proper approach to achieve these goals, and protect them long term.

Biomimetics provides two basic and complementary perspectives. An open outlook to accept all the 'proven' advances, as well as focused attention on those dental health discoveries, developed from confirmed experience, which we don't want to unlearn.

Biomimetic dentistry is our way forward at this moment in the progression of 'advanced' dental care.

Not everyone will want to proceed in this way, but it does present obvious benefits. Seeing may not be believing for you; but these pictures offer a preview of what it looks like to take an advanced step toward complete oral health with external and internal happiness as a bonus.

Wherever you are at in the continuum of oral health, Dr. Kent White, and his dental team can start there, and move forward until reaching the goal you have determined. Knowing what is out there is the first step. 

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We hope to hear from you soon. Then picture yourself more confident, no matter what you decide about your care.


Dr. White says, “Dentistry is always improving, and today we’re making an incredible impact in our patient’s lives. People all over the world are finding out what it’s like to live without pain from a dysfunctional bite, and are now enjoying a smile that makes their face glow.”

His post doctorate training and a veteran senior instructor at the prestigious Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies (LVI) removes the stress and worry about choosing the right dentist.

Dr. Kent E. White, one of the nation’s most skilled comprehensive dentists, will guide your preventative and restorative care or cosmetic smile makeover. Ask a team member about the rewards made possible by Advanced, Contemporary and Neuromuscular, Biomimetic Dentistry!