Total Oral Health, Beautiful Results: Smile Design by Dentist, Kent E. White

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Achieving comprehensive oral health and creating successful smile makeover designs requires time, patience and, most of all, covering all the bases. By focusing on a new era of diagnosis, computerized diagnostic tools and magnification as well as maintaining a high-level of training makes it possible to improve how people feel about their teeth, oral comfort and dentistry in general.

Predictable, consistent results allow Dr. White's patients to experience the confidence of a new smile, and others also get relief from decades of pain.

Whether seeking restorative and cosmetic dentistry enhancements or relief from specific pain issues, preliminary evaluations in the neuromuscular approach are followed to create a successful smile makeover, which means long term comfort and esthetic results.

As Dr. Kent E. White of Nashville explains, "It is important to treat the whole patient not just their teeth. This is not one-tooth-at-time, erratic patchwork dentistry; neuromuscular dentistry with full mouth treatment is planned, enduring success, which includes a beautiful, natural smile."

Oral health restored and smile makeover by Kent E. White, DDS, FICOI, LVIF
"I chose to completely redo my entire mouth. I saved my upper molar, corrected my cross bite, removed my silver fillings and had my smile restored and temporized all in one morning!" Mélanie's Testimonial

Rejuvenation dentistry and Smile makeover by Dr. Kent E. White
"Been a headache sufferer for twenty years and had a ringing in my right ear. I had my upper teeth restored and my bite changed to the correct neuromuscular position. I no longer have the intense – headaches and tinnitus as I had over the years!" Paula's Testimonial

Smile makeover, oral restoration by Dr. Kent E. White
"Best thing I have ever done. My bite was opened and moved forward. Years of nasal congestion, stuffiness and drainage was greatly reduced and I could breathe better than ever. Went to countless doctors over the years, was medicated and/or told there is nothing more we can do. I'm amazed!" Glenda's Testimonial

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