What is Neuromuscular Dentistry? Dr. Kent E. White

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“Neuromuscular dentistry is especially important for those who are considering a smile makeover or who are experiencing oral and facial pain.” Kent E. White, DDS, FICOI, LVIF

Correct Jaw Position

Neuromuscular Dentistry (NMD) differs from common dental practices. Traditionally and currently, dentists tend to focus on the teeth and joints. The neuromuscular approach goes further and bases much of its success on getting the muscles and nerves to coexist correctly between your teeth and joints.

By objectively and scientifically measuring muscle function in respect to jaw posture, and evaluating jaw movement and function, the optimal resting posture of your jaw can be determined.

Why is NMD so important?

Without the teeth, facial muscles and jaw joints in harmonious balance, people can develop painful complications: known by some as TMJ or TMD. The relaxing of muscles and tension often create an effect like a rejuvenating facelift. A more youthful look and enhanced comfort is the result.

Attention to Details

Achieving success requires time, patience and, most of all, covering all the bases. Utilizing computerized diagnostic tools, focusing on the details, and maintaining a high-level of training makes it possible to improve how people feel about their teeth, oral comfort and dentistry in general. Consistent, predictable results allow patients to experience relief from perhaps decades of pain.

Even if patients don’t come with specific pain issues and are just seeking restorative and cosmetic enhancements, preliminary evaluations in the neuromuscular approach are followed to uncover any problems that might occur in a smile makeover.

Full-Mouth Treatment

Conservative full-mouth reconstruction (preserving as much natural tooth structure as possible) can reclaim your oral health. Full-mouth treatment is used in combination with NMD to attain oral/facial comfort and proper function for the long-term.

The NMD Focus

As Dr. Kent White of Nashville explains, “It is important to treat the whole patient not just their teeth. This is not one-tooth-at-time, erratic patchwork dentistry; neuromuscular dentistry with full mouth treatment is planned, enduring success, which includes a beautiful, natural smile.”

Mélanie’s NMD Success Story

“I was told I would need to take out one of my molars due to severe decay and I wanted to get a second opinion. I chose to completely redo my entire mouth. I saved my upper molar, corrected my cross bite, removed my silver fillings and had my smile restored and temporized all in one morning!”

“I have been a headache sufferer for twenty years and had a ringing in my right ear. It has been over a year since I had my upper teeth restored and my bite changed to the correct neuromuscular position. I no longer have the intense – continuing headaches and tinnitus as I had over the years!”

Glenda’s NMD Success Story

“This is the best thing I have ever done for myself. My bite was opened and moved forward. The years of nasal congestion, stuffiness and drainage was greatly reduced and I could breathe better than ever before. I had been to countless doctors over the years, was medicated and/or told there is nothing more we can do. I am amazed!”