Why Choose Porcelain for Your Restorations

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Dental materials have changed dramatically in recent years, and now we have many options to choose from for our dental restorations. Even if we eliminate metal amalgam fillings and both noble and base metal crowns, we still have choices to make between composite resin materials (dental bonding) and porcelain ceramic materials. But making the choice isn’t that difficult. In most cases, porcelain should be your restoration material of choice.

When Aesthetics Really Matter, Pick Porcelain

Porcelain restorations are the best-looking restorations. They look the most like your natural teeth in terms of luster, and we can really precisely match the color and luminosity of your teeth. They can have the proper translucency, and can even have a layered appearance like your natural teeth. The polish on porcelain is highly durable, and the restorations can resist staining.

Composite materials, on the other hand, are essentially plastic. They can look good when they’re polished, but they tend to lose their polish. And they can stain faster than your regular teeth, so they’ll stand out as darker patches on your natural teeth. This is especially important when you are correcting the appearance of defects in the front of your smile, such as tooth gaps or chipped teeth, and porcelain veneers make the best choice for these problems.

Porcelain Is Highly Durable

Porcelain restorations are highly durable and recommended if you want a dental restoration that is going to last ten years or more. In fact, some studies show porcelain restorations are even more durable than gold ones.

Since we’ve mentioned metal, it’s important to note that there were situations in the past where you might have been told you had to have a metal crown because of your bite forces. Today that’s not the case. Dental ceramics are highly advanced materials, and they’re fully capable of standing up to any bite forces your jaw can achieve. That means that today you can have all your metal crowns replaced with ceramic dental crowns if you’re tired of showing off your crowns when you talk or laugh.

Porcelain Strengthens Teeth

One of the problems with fillings is that they can weaken teeth. Removing too much tooth material can make your teeth vulnerable to cracking, so your teeth can benefit from getting fillings that actually strengthen your teeth. Neither composite fillings nor metal amalgam fillings can do that. In fact, amalgam fillings can actually break your teeth. But porcelain fillings can. They are as strong as your natural tooth material and are bonded to your natural teeth, so they can restore lost strength to your teeth.

If you are considering your restoration options, remember, dental ceramics are the right choice whenever you’re looking for attractive, durable restorations. To learn more about getting the best restorations in Nashville, TN, please call (615) 383-6787 for an appointment with cosmetic dentist Dr. Kent White at the Center for  Advanced Dentistry.