Why Our Values Make Us Different

Boutique Dentistry for Nashville, Tennessee

If you are looking for a dental practice in Nashville, TN that approaches oral health differently, then you should consider the Center for Advanced Dentistry. Here, our dentist Dr. Kent E. White builds his practice around core values that we believe give our patients better results than traditional approaches to some of these same dental problems.

Actual patients of Dr. White

Actual patients of Dr. White

All Dentistry Should Be Cosmetic Dentistry

In the past, it was believed that there was a strict separation between the appearance of the teeth and their function. Dr. White realizes that looking good is one of the vital functions of your teeth. Every time you greet someone with a smile, every conversation with a potential client or date, and every good-bye depends on the appearance of your smile. If your teeth don’t look healthy firstly they’re probably not healthy and secondly people think they’re not healthy.

That’s why all dentistry should be cosmetic dentistry. Whenever we work on your teeth or dental restorations, we make sure that they look like natural teeth. People won’t be able to tell that you’ve had dental work–all they’ll see is a beautiful smile.

Decide What’s Best for Long-Term Results

Another value that makes us different from many dentists is our emphasis on long-term results. Many dentists care mostly about getting your treatment done quickly so you can be sent out the door and the next patient brought in. What we care about is getting your dental care done right so you will get the best and most long-lasting treatment results.

To make sure we’re getting that, we give you a comprehensive medical exam that includes medical-grade imagery of your teeth to ensure we truly understand the state of your oral health. Then we’ll talk to you about your treatment goals so that we can match your treatment to your goals as well as your oral health. Then we’ll decide on the exact treatment procedures and materials that are best for you.

Don’t Focus on Pain

Many dentists regularly ask their patients if anything hurts, but we don’t do that. We expect that if you have pain you’ll tell us, but that’s not our only concern.

Asking about pain encourages you to think that pain should be your main concern. It encourages you to imagine that if there’s no pain, there’s no problem. It also sets us up to engage in reactionary dentistry, where we only respond to pain and other indications that something’s seriously wrong.

Focus on Long-Term Health

But if we’re not responding to pain, what are we doing for your dental treatment? Instead of reacting to problems as they occur, we are constantly assessing the health of your mouth and teeth and how it affects your overall health. We keep an eye out for future problems and work to prevent them. We help you understand what good prevention looks like and how we can work to manage that as a team. Combined with an emphasis on long-term restorations, we aren’t just keeping your teeth barely functional, we are keeping them in optimal condition.

If you are constantly responding to problems with your teeth, you live in fear of each new failure. But when you promote long-term health, you can live with confidence that your teeth are healthy today, tomorrow, and for the foreseeable future.

If you are tired of just barely maintaining your teeth and want to promote better overall health with the help of a dentist in Nashville, TN, please call (615) 383-6787 today for an appointment with Dr. Kent E. White at the Center for Advanced Dentistry.