Why You Should Talk to Your Spouse about Their Unattractive Smile

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Sometimes a marriage is made up of two different types of people: one who takes care of themselves and their appearance, and the other who doesn’t. If you are married to someone who is not taking care of their smile, and it has become very unattractive as a result, you have to speak up and encourage them to get their smile transformed for health and beauty. And there’s no dentist in Nashville like Dr. Kent E. White to help them achieve the healthy and beautiful smile that will make you both happy.

We understand it can be hard, in part because you want them to be confident that you love and cherish them no matter what they look like, but there are many important reasons why they need to address the appearance of their smile.

Before and after a new smile

You Want Them to Be Happy

If your spouse is suppressing or hiding their smile because they dislike its appearance, they are actually keeping themselves from being happy. Our smile has a reciprocal relationship with our mood. When we feel happy, we stimulate ourselves to smile, but our brain also takes messages from our smiling muscles that triggers the release of more positive mood chemicals in the brain.

When a person suppresses a smile, they are short-circuiting their happiness cycle, and, as a result, they won’t enjoy as much happy emotions. They are more likely to suffer chronic low mood.

You Miss Their Smile

But your spouse isn’t the only one who is suffering when they’re not showing their smile. Smiles are contagious, and when you see your spouse’s smile, it’s normal for you to smile in return. No matter the kind of day you’re having, this can also boost your mood.

Just as important, sharing smiles with your spouse helps bond the two of you together. If you’re not smiling at each other, it can lead to mistaken impressions about how the two of you are feeling. And when your spouse isn’t smiling at major events when they should be happy, it’s easy to believe that they have doubts about you or your marriage.

You Want to Kiss Them

If you really love your spouse, you might want to smother them with kisses every day, but this is a lot harder to do when your spouse has an unattractive and especially unhealthy mouth. If your spouse has really bad breath related to gum disease or an infected tooth, it can be virtually impossible for you to kiss them.

They might also have problems with food getting stuck in their teeth, which can be visually unappealing and can also lead to bad smells.

Their Smile Is Costing You

It’s no secret that our society values beauty. In fact, it can have a significant impact on your income. This is known as the beauty premium, and for an attractive smile the difference can be as much as 4%. That’s thousands of dollars a year for most of us. Bringing up the appearance of your spouse’s smile should be done similar to the way you might bring up any other investment your spouse could make in their career.

You Want Them to Live

If your spouse’s smile isn’t just unattractive, but also unhealthy, getting it fixed is literally a matter of life and death. Gum disease isn’t just the leading cause of tooth loss among adults, it’s been linked to heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and several forms of cancer. And if we’re talking about the future mother of your children, it’s important for them to know that gum disease can increase their risk of pregnancy complications, including premature birth and low birth weight.

A Smile Makeover Can Give a Healthy and Beautiful Smile

Nashville cosmetic dentist Dr. Kent E. White is an outstanding dentist who knows how to combine art and science to ensure your spouse gets a smile that is both very beautiful and highly functional after their smile makeover. Health and beauty are closely linked at the Center for Advanced Dentistry, where holistic dentistry dominates. Dr. White’s knowledge of neuromuscular dentistry means that their new smile might also come with relief from jaw pain, headaches, and other symptoms that are otherwise hard to treat.

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