What Does “Biomimetic” Really Mean?

Nashville, TN cosmetic dentist Dr. Kent E. White has long been a leader in the field of biomimetic dentistry. For a long time, that was a term that wasn’t clearly defined. But now there is a clearer definition of what biomimetic really means, and give you a better idea of how Dr. [...]

New Cosmetic Dentistry Materials Help Biomimetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry has changed a lot in recent years, and one of the most dramatic changes has been in the availability of new materials. These new materials have transformed our restorations, making them better, and improving our ability to deliver biomimetic dentistry. Here’s how they’ve improved. Preserve More Natural Teeth [...]

10 Methods That Help Keep Teeth Beautiful

Our teeth are designed to be beautiful. And they all start out that way. If you look at a child’s teeth, you can see how beautiful and bright they generally are. And you may have teeth that are still as beautiful as they were then--or almost. But over time our teeth can begin to lose [...]

Dr. Kent White Can Enhance Your Smile with DURAthin Veneers

One of the most important considerations for your cosmetic dentistry is whether your treatment will also help maintain your natural teeth. Many porcelain veneers require that we remove some of your natural tooth to improve the appearance of your smile. This isn’t advisable in many cases because your natural tooth is a wonder, and the [...]

The Benefits T-Scan Gives You

Some dentists look at technology the way kids look at toys: they want them all. But Nashville cosmetic dentist Dr. Kent White takes a careful approach. He doesn’t just pick up technologies that seem cool: he carefully evaluates every technology before deciding to purchase it. He won’t add a technology to his [...]