The Benefits of Working with Just One Dentist for Your Dental Implants

If your natural tooth cannot be saved, dental implants are the best tooth replacement option available, but they are also a relatively complicated procedure. To deal with the complexities of dental implant placement, many dentists will work with a specialist to handle parts of the procedure. But Nashville implant dentist

5 Examples of Biomimetic Technologies

Nashville, TN dentist Dr. Kent E. White understands that nature has many lessons to teach us. That’s why he’s a firm believer in biomimetic dentistry. But biomimicry isn’t just a dental approach, it’s used in many technologies in many fields. Here are some of the more successful examples of biomimetic technologies. [...]

Advice for Maintaining Your Cosmetic Dentistry Restorations

Modern dental restorations are designed to be very long-lasting. They are made of highly durable materials. And skilled Nashville, TN cosmetic dentist Dr. Kent E. White designs them to fit harmoniously into your bite. But we can only do so much to make your restorations last. You have a part to play in [...]

What Can Be Done about Space under a Dental Bridge?

A dental bridge is a good tooth replacement option. But one of the reasons why a dental bridge is not as good as dental implants is that bridges don’t support your bones and gums. As a result, you might experience bone loss and gum loss, leading to the appearance of space [...]

Ultrasonic Scaling Can Be Bad for Implants

Dental implants are very similar to natural teeth, but they’re not identical. When we’re caring for dental implants at home, we have to be aware of the differences in care. And it’s just as important to make sure that your dentist and hygienist know about your dental implants and know how to care [...]