5 Reasons to Postpone Extraction

We understand that when you’re struggling with oral health problems, you might be tempted to think that the best solution is to just remove the tooth or teeth and be done with it. You may even want to get rid of all your teeth once and for all.

One Restoration Is Broken — Do the Others Need Replacing, Too?

Modern cosmetic dentistry like porcelain veneers are very durable, but no restorations last forever (with the possible exception of dental implants). The restorations from a smile makeover may...

Weakness Is Strength: The Amazing Secrets of Your Teeth’s Durability

Your teeth are truly remarkable structures. As of yet, we can’t make any restoration material or technique that can match them for durability. That’s why in restorative dentistry, as part of our commitment to biomimetic dentistry, we try to preserve as much of your natural tooth material as possible. A Surface of Glass [...]

Questions to Ask a Full Mouth Reconstruction Dentist

If you are considering a full mouth reconstruction or smile makeover, it’s important to make sure that your dentist is highly qualified to perform the procedure. Nothing will make more of a difference in your results than your choice of dentist, so it’s important to choose your dentist with care. To help you [...]