Can Oral Bacteria Lead to Cancer?

It’s an important reminder about the importance of dental care. If you think that oral health problems will be confined to your mouth, then you haven’t been paying attention with the strong links developing between oral bacteria, gum disease, and cancer. It’s also an important reminder that holistic dentistry is vital because it [...]

Is Dental Sedation Right for You?

Dental sedation is a personal choice for each patient. When you have suffered trauma that leads to fear of the dentist, it is important to process that emotion and feel comfortable and knowledgeable about your sedation options before undergoing dental treatment. At the Center for Advanced Dentistry in Nashville, Dr. Kent White takes the time [...]

Transforming Your Smile with Dr. White’s Veneers

Each day Nashville cosmetic dentist Dr. Kent White at the Center for Advanced Dentistry treats patients who are ready to change their lives for the better through a healthier, eye-catching smile. For many Nashville patients, porcelain veneers are an exciting solution that improves dental health and overall wellness while delivering a [...]

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