Mythbusters About TMJ Disorders

Most people have heard about TMJ disorders to some extent - usually with a lot of misinformation. At Center For Advanced Dentistry, we want to help our patients visit us for TMJ treatment to finally achieve relief from painful TMJ symptoms. With so many misconceptions about TMJ floating around, we understand why so many [...]

The Key to Good Headache Treatment Is Empathy, Neurologist Says

What is most essential to achieving good headache care? Does technology make the biggest difference? What about training? Experience? While all those things are important, a leading neurologist, Dr. Gennaro Bussone, wrote that empathy may be a doctor’s best skill when it comes to properly treating headaches. This is a good reminder [...]

By |March 20th, 2019|Headaches|

TMJ Headaches Linked to More Pain Throughout the Body

Do you have headaches? If so, you are most likely frustrated because it’s hard to figure out what’s causing them. And if you can’t figure out what’s causing them, it’s that much harder to get them treated. But now a new study gives us more clues to help us figure out what [...]

By |October 24th, 2018|Headaches, TMJ|

Are You at Risk for Medication Overuse Headaches?

People in the US rely heavily on medications to treat daily conditions. In fact, we rely on them so much that we have created an opioid crisis in this country, largely related to prescription painkillers. But there are other risks associated with using too much medication, such as medication overuse headaches. This is when medications [...]

Creativity without Headaches: Drug-Free Migraine Treatment for Artists

Many artists find that their gifts come with a bad bargain. Their bursts of creativity are accompanied or counterpointed by migraine attacks. The pain can be disabling, and they can make it hard to capitalize on your insights. So you may have tried migraine treatments. Unfortunately, many migraine treatments, especially migraine prevention drugs, have side [...]

By |December 14th, 2017|Headaches, TMJ|
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