My Jaw Has Always Popped. Why Should I Get It Treated Now?

It’s important to understand that jaw popping and clicking is not a harmless symptom. It is related to serious jaw dysfunction that will likely only get worse without treatment. However, we also know that many people ignore this symptom, not understanding the consequences. If this is you, here are some of the [...]

Are Bite Problems Causing Your Toothaches?

Do you get annoying toothaches that your regular dentist can’t track down? It’s quite possible that the cause of your toothache isn’t the tooth at all. It could be problems with your bite. When your regular dentist can’t get you relief from your toothaches, expert Nashville neuromuscular dentist Dr. Kent E. White [...]

Is TMJ Genetic? A Little Bit Yes, but Mostly No

In trying to help people track down the cause of their TMJ (temporomandibular joint disorder, also called TMD), one thing that people want to know is: is TMJ genetic? They want to know less about whether they inherited TMJ from their parents than whether they will pass it on to their children. [...]

10 Methods That Help Keep Teeth Beautiful

Our teeth are designed to be beautiful. And they all start out that way. If you look at a child’s teeth, you can see how beautiful and bright they generally are. And you may have teeth that are still as beautiful as they were then--or almost. But over time our teeth can begin to lose [...]

What You Need to Know about Physiologic Dentistry

If you’re having difficulty getting treatment for a number of symptoms such as jaw pain, headache, and a bite that just feels off, physiologic dentistry might be able to help. Physiologic dentistry, closely related to neuromuscular dentistry, is a science-based approach to dentistry that seeks to resolve many problems that develop from [...]