The Benefits T-Scan Gives You

Some dentists look at technology the way kids look at toys: they want them all. But Nashville cosmetic dentist Dr. Kent White takes a careful approach. He doesn’t just pick up technologies that seem cool: he carefully evaluates every technology before deciding to purchase it. He won’t add a technology to his [...]

Deciding on Your Dental Goals Is the First Step to Achieving Them

One of the things we’ve found about our patients is that when they come into our office, they often don’t know what they’re trying to achieve with dental treatments. Most come in with a vague sense that they’re unhappy with their current oral health and/or appearance of their teeth. But what the ultimate goal [...]

Why Our Values Make Us Different

If you are looking for a dental practice in Nashville, TN that approaches oral health differently, then you should consider the Center for Advanced Dentistry. Here, our dentist Dr. Kent E. White builds his practice around core values that we believe give our patients better results than traditional approaches to some of these [...]

Don’t Let Your “Lost Time” Lead to Lost Teeth

In a short video segment, Dr. Kent E. White describes a dangerous trend among men 30 and under. He notes that young men are “lost.” They’re trying to find themselves and find their lives. They are looking for jobs, looking for a mate, and looking for a home. In this time of unrest, they are [...]

How Your Job Could Be Damaging Your Teeth

These days, everyone who has a job should be grateful for their opportunity. But that doesn’t mean your working conditions are ideal for your health. Your workplace can be one of the most serious impediments to your health, including your oral health. Understanding the impact your job is having on your oral health can help [...]