Is Your Dentist Using Half Measures That Let Your Smile Fail? Our Full Smile Solution Is about Success

Many dentists treat dentistry like car repair. They’re focused on basic maintenance and repair. They perform simple maintenance procedures that they think will help preserve your teeth, and then they respond to problems as they arise. They repair one tooth at a time, treating that tooth as seems best. Then they’ll go on to the [...]

The Benefits T-Scan Gives You

Some dentists look at technology the way kids look at toys: they want them all. But Nashville cosmetic dentist Dr. Kent White takes a careful approach. He doesn’t just pick up technologies that seem cool: he carefully evaluates every technology before deciding to purchase it. He won’t add a technology to his [...]

Warning Signs Help Avoid Emergency Replacement of Restorations

Dental restorations can last a long time if they’re well designed and properly placed by a skilled cosmetic dentist like Dr. Kent E. White in Nashville, TN. However, even the best restoration is unlikely to last forever. They are all likely to fail eventually. And when [...]

New Research Says E-Cigs Might Be Worse for Oral Health Than Tobacco

Many people have been switching from tobacco cigarettes to electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes, e-cigs, also described as vaping). Not only is this because it’s the cool thing to do--everyone wants to have the hip new vice--but also because people think it might be safer than traditional tobacco cigarettes. We haven’t had as many years to investigate [...]

Should You Stick with Your Bite Splint or Get Full Mouth Reconstruction for TMJ?

It’s an amazing feeling when you finally get relief from your TMJ symptoms. All that jaw pain, the headaches, tinnitus, and vertigo that you’ve been dealing with for months or years are finally gone. And it’s all thanks to your bite splint and your neuromuscular dentist. But after several months of successful treatment, it’s time [...]