Am I a Good Candidate for Dental Implant Surgery?

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Illustration of a dental implant showing detail on the procedureWhen you’re considering dental implant surgery, Nashville cosmetic dentist Dr. Kent White is uniquely-suited to guide you through the physical and emotional steps associated with this transformative restorative dentistry procedure.

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Who Should Consider Getting a Dental Implant?

A well-trained cosmetic dentist who also practices neuromuscular and holistic dentistry will consider dental implant surgery when a patient suffers from missing teeth or has teeth that cannot be restored with a root canal and need to be removed.

There is simply no more effective solution for missing teeth than dental implants.

Most people who are in good health are candidates for dental implants. Some of the issues that Nashville cosmetic dentist Dr. White will evaluate when considering a patient’s dental implant candidacy include:

  • Is the patient healthy enough to heal well after a routine dental extraction?
  • Are the patient’s gums and jawbone strong and healthy enough to support a dental implant?
  • Does the patient practice and understand the importance of regular oral hygiene?

In some cases, Dr. White can work with a patient to improve his or her dental health to the point where dental implants are feasible. This may require treatment of gum disease, which is not only the leading cause of tooth loss, but also the leading cause of dental implant failure. Our cosmetic dentist thoroughly understands that this process is both physical and emotional, especially when a patient has learned to accommodate a damaged smile by adjusting the way he or she eats, speaks or smiles.

The instances in which someone may not be considered a good candidate for dental implants include:

  • The patient is a heavy smoker.
  • The patient suffers from a chronic illness such as diabetes.
  • The patient has undergone radiation therapy.
  • The patient either suffers from a condition, such as osteoporosis, or is taking a medication that weakens their bones or inhibits proper bone regeneration.

We will evaluate your candidacy on an individual basis, after a comprehensive exam. In many cases, we will identify potential risks that may or may not cause problems for your dental implants. In these cases, we will inform you of your risk factors and how they might contribute to dental implant failure. The decision to go forward would then be up to you.

The good news for people in and around Nashville who are considering dental implant surgery at the Center for Advanced Dentistry is that the best approach to evaluating a dental implant candidate is an interdisciplinary one.

In addition to employing a kind, compassionate chair-side manner, Dr. White has both dental and medical training, which is why he has become a much-sought-after peer educator in the cosmetic dentistry field. Few other dentists possess the same level of education and training, along with practical experience and real-life experience, to effectively guide patients through the dental implant experience.

When you’re considering dental implant surgery in Nashville and have questions about whether this is the right procedure for you, please contact the Center for Advanced Dentistry online or by telephone to book your dental implant consultation with our highly-skilled cosmetic dentist, Dr. Kent White: (615) 383-6787.