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You probably don’t have good thoughts when you think of dentures. You might think that they look ugly, smell bad, and probably don’t work very well. That may have been true in the past, but modern options don’t have to be like any of the ones that you’ve ever seen. They don’t have to look like dentures, nor do they don’t have to fit like them. They don’t have to function like dentures. Instead, they look, fit, and function like natural teeth.

The Denture Fountain of Youth ®, also known as FOY ® Dentures, is a revolutionary approach, drawing on modern developments in cosmetic, implant, and neuromuscular dentistry to make dentures that are beautiful, attractive, and fully functional. Not only that, but they can dramatically rejuvenate your appearance, helping you look years younger than you did with traditional dentures–or even with your natural teeth.

The fitting of FOY ® Dentures requires a dentist with special talent and training, like Dr. Kent E. White. Dr. White understands the neuromuscular principles vital to ensuring quality results with FOY ® Dentures. If you want to learn what they can do for you, please call

(615) 383-6787 for an appointment with denture dentist Dr. White at the Center for Advanced Dentistry.

Designed to Be the Best

FOY ® Dentures are the best we can make. We think they’re the best at our current level of technology. And as technology improves, FOY ® Dentures will continue to improve to stay that the forefront of developments.

Some of the benefits include:

  • High levels of comfort
  • Very secure in your mouth
  • Better biting and chewing
  • Better smile shape
  • More attractive smile
  • Reduction of wrinkles and folds
  • Diminished jowls and turkey neck

They stand out from most options that you’ve seen, and if you’ve ever worn them, you’ll be pleased with the difference when you try FOY ® Dentures.
a side by side full face view comparison of a FOY® Denture dental patient

Taking the Time to Get Them Right

One of the biggest differences in the FOY ® Dentures process is that Dr. White takes the time to make sure they fit properly.

With economy options, those that are advertised on their cheapness, the dentures are actually premade and all a dentist does is press them on your gums and make sure they fit your gums. These come in a few sizes, usually four or six. If you are lucky, one of these sizes fits reasonable well. If not, you will have to accept ones that are too large or too small.

With traditional options, dentists take more measurements, trying to ensure that they will actually fit in your mouth. These fit a little better, but often have problems that are not immediately clear at the dentist’s office and only become apparent when you actually live with them for a while. Denture pain and looseness are common complaints.

But FOY ® Dentures take fitting to an entirely different level over a Non-surgical facelift. We strive to make sure them fit your entire face. We measure muscle tension and analyze your jaw position and motion to ensure that your dentures are putting your jaw in an optimal position for comfort and function. Some of the latest technology helps ensure we are getting an optimal fit, including T-Scan. T-scan is a bite measurement device that measures the force of the bite at many points along the denture. And T-Scan measures the bite force in real time, so we can even detect it if your dentures have irregular bite force for a short time.

The Rejuvenating Effects of Proper Fit

Many of the things that make people look old, such as sagging cheeks and deep folds in the face, are actually related to the wear and loss of your teeth. Your teeth are a vital structural element in your face, and when they’re worn or lost, the face can collapse somewhat, leading to sagging skin, fat, and muscles.

Traditional options don’t do a good job or replacing the full dimension of your lost teeth. But FOY ® Dentures do, which can make you look years younger, closer to what you looked like when your face and teeth developed together.

Utilizing the Best Materials and Technology

FOY® Denture LogoAnother thing that helps make FOY ® Dentures special is that they take advantage of the most modern developments in cosmetic dentistry. The tooth material used is closely related to that used for porcelain veneers, and many people find that they have the best smile of their lives with dentures.

But your teeth will not look fake. We utilize biomimetic design to ensure that each tooth has a highly natural appearance–we can even add minor, attractive flaws that make your them look more realistic.

And we encourage the use of dental implants with FOY ® Dentures. Dental implants secure them in your jawbone, similar to the way your teeth are secured. This means you’ll be able to eat all your favorite foods, and never have to worry about them slipping out. It also preserves your jawbone so your face won’t continue to shrink.

Are You Ready to Love Your Dentures?

In the past, many denture wearers hated their dentures. But you don’t have to. Let Dr. White craft ones you will love.

Please contact the Center for Advanced Dentistry at (615) 383-6787 today for an appointment at the Center for Advanced Dentistry.