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Thank you from Sandy S.

I just wanted to send a note to let you know what a difference my new smile has made in my life.  As cheesy as that sounds, I can’t fully explain this with words and for people who have not had to experience this then I don’t know that they would fully understand. I don’t think an e-mail is going to adequately describe this but I thought I would try to jot some things down so that you can use any or all of this as a testimonial.

My experience with the whole process has been extremely easy and virtually pain free.  Initially, I was very nervous about the entire process as you know and it took me some time to decide based on the financial investment. You guys did a phenomenal job! I appreciate your personal attention to my needs and wants and all the hard work that you all put into helping me. I would recommend Dr. White and your office to anyone.  I feel very fortunate that I stumbled across your website.  So thank you very much for making my smile makeover such an easy experience.

I can’t even describe the change this has made in my outlook and attitude.  The physical appearance is obvious, but the change in my countenance and confidence level has been dramatic.  So dramatic even my closet friends have commented on it.  While I feel that I was a happy and confident person before, I don’t think that I displayed it in my attitude or the way that I carried myself.  And now my confidence and happiness is very evident.  The ease with which I can smile now and feel confident about my smile is incredible.  I have had people I work with joke with me and tell me that I look way too happy now and that I smile too much.  My family, friends and coworkers have all been very supportive of me, and this change.

You know that I have lived with the tetracycline staining for 36 years. This past summer for the first time in my life, I have had people that I don’t even know actually comment on what a pretty smile that I have.  Again, I hate to be repetitive but what an incredible feeling it is to have anyone compliment me on something that I have been so self-conscious about my entire life.

When we were doing the temporary teeth part of my treatment you asked me if I had any regrets.  I can honestly say that I have had no regret at all.  The time and money that I have invested have been well worth it and I would do it all over again without any hesitation.  If anything, I should have had the smile makeover earlier but maybe it is just all about timing.

Anyway, I think I have rambled enough.  The only other thing that I can say is thank you Dr. White and your team.

The Best Dental Experience(s)!

Dr. Kent White is an awesome dentist. The staff and everyone that works there strives to make me feel comfortable and important. The wait is not long. No overbooking :-)

The Very Best Dentist!!

Dr. White is hands down the most attentive, thorough and thoughtful dentist I have ever had. And I have hated going to the dentist most of my life. The support staff is just as amazing. I cannot say enough about these guys. I will be with them for life. They genuinely care and their passion for dentistry is unparalleled.

The Best of the Best

Dr. White and his staff are always so professional, knowledgeable, and friendly. I drive from Chattanooga, TN just so that my dental needs can be cared for by the best in the business. I wouldn’t trust anyone else with my dental needs and health.

Amazing Dentist

Dr. White is an amazing dentist, and he has a dedicated and skilled team working with him. I have been under his and his hygienist care for several years, and I have nothing but good things to say about them. Dr. White is extremely skilled and I like the way he explains everything he does, before and during the procedure. Everyone in the office is skilled and makes patients feel at home and cared for. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Dr. White Visit

Great staff, great dentist! In on time and very professional all around! Great Job!!

Great Visit

Dr. White and his staff spent over an hour with me, explaining the situation and really making sure I understood. They explained the options for care, and different methods of dealing with the finance. It was obvious to me they are excited about top-notch dentistry and care about their patients. I look forward to working with Dr. White and his team.

Always a Pleasure!

My visits with Dr. White’s office are always wonderful! Dr. White and his staff make me feel relaxed and we always have fun! Great bunch of caring folks there! Highly recommend.

What a Fantastic Experience!

I’ve had awful experiences with dentists in the past. When I first met Kent, I explained my concerns, especially about needing sedation. (My mouth doesn’t numb well). Kent and his team were endlessly patient, thoughtful and made me feel so comfortable. In fact I can honestly say they made it fun! The office is calming and beautiful doesn’t have that awful medical smell and feel. The front desk staff are incredible. They worked out all my insurance for me and explained exactly what my treatment would cost. I had the procedure yesterday and I couldn’t believe how easy it all was. Kent even called me at home last night to check in and see how I was doing. The other aspect I really appreciate is Kent seems to be really dedicated to his and his staff’s continuing education. He also teaches at the University level and is on top of all the latest techniques.  I’ll be sending everyone ther, especially my friends who dread the dentist.

Fun at the Dentist!

Its not supposed to be fun at the dentist’s office. Not so if you go to Dr. Kent White and staff. They are very caring while at the same time professional. Looking forward to my next visit.

Healthcare at Dr. Kent White’s Office

I have been entrusting my dental care to the office of Dr. Kent White for the last couple of years. I have always found the office exhibiting the utmost professional care with me as well as maintaining a warm positive atmosphere which allows me to feel very comfortable while I am there. I always leave with a smile, knowing that my dental health is in the best hands it could possible be in. And might I add that I was not blessed with great gums and teeth. They require extensive maintenance. Dr. White and his staff have taken care of me above and beyond the call of duty! I would recommend them to everyone.

Thank you from Cynthia

Dr. White,

My sincere thanks to you and your staff for making my recent dental procedure a pain-free experience. Needless to say, I am definitely a dental coward; however, the reassurances from you guys really eased my apprehension and anxiety.

I’m very pleased with the results. Now I can smile like CRAZY!


Chattanooga, TN

Thank you from Bobby


All is well with my smile. I’m so appreciative of the time you have taken with me. I know that my finished product is going to be just gorgeous. I have total confidence in your skills. My temps seem to be working fine. I’m taking it gentle with them and I’m making sure to use the gum stimulator at least twice a day. My wife has gotten a little giddy a couple of times by looking at my temps. Of course, when I returned home on Friday I gave her a blow by blow and a full explanation of the temps as well as what I think the permanents are going to be. She loves the length of the eye tooth. I told her that you and I had discussed that tooth and that the rest of the teeth would be that length or longer. She liked that. Also, my temps are slightly whiter than my other bonding and she noticed that. When I told her my new teeth were going to be even brighter and whiter she was very excited.

Of course, I’m just as excited. As you know, I’ve waited many years for this moment and now that it’s so close I find myself a little incredulous that it’s finally happening. Almost like winning the lottery. I’ve put up with a lot since the day my aunt pulled my central at age seven. I’m glad I did because it made me stronger and made me develop skills to help people see the whole me and not just the exterior. However, now I’m glad that the smile I’ve always wished I had is just about reality. Thanks in large part to your skills. I’ve had other opportunities to get my teeth fixed but I just never felt like it was the right person. Having the final perfect smile means a lot to me. I knew I couldn’t just trust it to any DDS. I needed and wanted a real pro with passion for his work. The good lord sent you my way and I’m so happy for it.

Have a great day.

Atlanta, GA

Thank you from Don

Dr. White,

I would like to let you know how happy and satisfied I am with my veneers. I have had braces and crowns but I was very unhappy with my smile. I had to take medication as a child that had stained my teeth. I am very happy with my new smile, and have had many compliments on my teeth. I feel this is the best investment I have made on my teeth. After years of feeling like I had a bad smile, I feel like smiling much more. It also has been a confidence booster. Thanks again. I just wish I had done this years ago. I would recommend this procedure to anyone that is unhappy with their smile.

Thanks again,

Chattanooga, TN

Thank you from Joe & Janet


Just wanted to let you know how happy we are to have found a dentist as advanced and caring as yourself. We are very pleased with the service and quality of care that you and your staff provide. You are true professionals. God bless you and your entire staff.

Joe and Janet
Harrison, TN

Thank you from Ray

Dear Dr. White,

It is with deep appreciation that I write to you to say “thank you” for the tremendous work you are doing.

I recall my first office visit. After examination, you told me that the only way to help me was to have braces due to the condition of my teeth. After I said no, the one thing I will always remember, was the look on your face when I said that I believed you could make my teeth look good. It has been some months now since that time and my teeth look great; better than any expectation.

I am very pleased to call you my friend and may God continue to bless you and your practice. You are the very best in your profession!


Signal Mt., TN

Thank you from Yulia

As you see, God continues to surprise and amaze me with His power, influence and faithfulness. This is a very joyful autumn in my life.

I continue to thank God for you and your love toward me. My teeth are doing fine. I am not scared about the bridges or caps coming off anymore, and am not shy to smile a full smile! Actually, my new teeth give me the confidence I never had before! And my smile has become natural. May the Lord continue to bless you and award you for your sensitiveness to my need and for your love and prayers!

May the Lord Jesus Christ shine His light in you and through you, may the Father’s love keep you warm and assured of who you are in His eyes, and may His Spirit of power, love and discipline continue to work in you to both will and effect to bring all the glory and honor and praise to our mighty true hold and wonderful God!!!!!!!

LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE, hugs and blessings (double portion)

Soviet Union