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Boutique Dentistry for Nashville, Tennessee

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Visiting Our Boutique Dentistry

Many first-time patients who visit our Nashville cosmetic dentist are surprised to discover the level of luxury and comfort at our practice office. Dr. Kent White and his staff strive to create an environment that supports your comfort as much as it does their oral health.

If you have only experienced dental offices that are institutional and uninviting, we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how nice the environment is at the Center for Advanced Dentistry in Nashville.

You can contact us online to schedule your appointment or call our Nashville cosmetic dentistry practice directly at (615) 383-6787.

Our Philosophy

At the Center for Advanced Dentistry, we strive to offer and harmony through art and science. This mission influences every aspect of our work, from the cutting edge dental technologies we employ to the generously upholstered dental chairs that we offer our patients. From the moment you enter our office, it is our goal to make your comfortable.

We believe in treating others as you want to be treated. To that end, Dr. White aims to restore his patient’s teeth to their original health, strength, and beauty in the most conservative manner possible. When several treatment options are available, we always recommend the least invasive path that will achieve the results you want. It’s how we would prefer to be treated.

What To Expect During Your Visit

One look at our office tells you that the Center for Advanced Dentistry is not your everyday dental practice. We go above and beyond to ensure that our clients enjoy a restorative experience. All of our Nashville-area patients receive comfortable blankets, soft pillows, a choice of music options, and healthy refreshments. We believe that everyone who steps into our office is a guest, and we try to anticipate everything that might enhance the comfort and overall experience of our guests.

Why Choose Dr. White

Of course, the most comfortable environment in the world isn’t enough without the technical services to back it up. Our practice specializes in holistic and reconstructive dentistry. From simple, routine cleanings to full-mouth smile makeovers, Dr. White is a multi-disciplinary authority who is pleased to deliver the latest advances that dental medicine has to offer. We believe that you’ll find no finer combination of comprehensive dentistry and inviting surroundings than at the Center for Advanced Dentistry.

Your visit to the dentist should be comfortable and relaxing, not sterile and uninviting. We look forward to showing you around our Nashville office and invite you to schedule an appointment today. Please contact the Center for Advanced Dentistry at (615) 383-6787 to learn more about our practice and our Nashville cosmetic dentist.