Treva’s Extreme Smile Makeover

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What did Treva want?

“It’s Only Whitening; Isn’t It?”

“Oh! That person must have gone to Dr. White for smile whitening.” Lots of people have said or probably thought that about many of his client’s new smiles. Of course, Dr. Kent White and his clients know much more has occurred.

Most often the client’s smile AND life has been transformed in MANY ways. However, even if they needed a lot of enhancement and restoration, the clients still had a relaxed, refreshing and rewarding experience. The final result was a remarkably comfortable and confident smile.

It’s a unique event. You get a smile that is completely changed and WOWS everyone you meet. But it’s so natural it looks to many people that you’ve had it your entire life, except it is whiter and brighter. Then with a closer look at before and after photos, the amazing results are revealed.

Are you ready to experience this event? You can put it off because you have other things going on or because you’re not ready to make the investment. But once your smile’s transformed, you’ll understand why Dr. White has numerous joyful clients with smiles to match and why he is more than a cosmetic dentist. View many of those clients and their new smile makeovers right here on his Web site.

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Why did she choose Dr. White?
What was discovered in her initial smile consultation?
What was involved in creating her new smile?
The Step-By-Step Process for achieving Treva’s results
What occurred at her appointments?
What Are Cosmetic Provisionals or Temporary Restorations?
What is a Diagnostic Model? (The Smile “Blueprint”)
What Did Dr. White See Before Treva’s Plastic Surgery?
What Did Dr. White See After Treva’s Plastic Surgery?
Dr. White’s memories of her statements about the experience
Extreme Makeover: What does he see after transforming Treva’s smile?
Read Treva’s Extreme Makeover Testimonial

Patient of Dr. White before cosmetic dentistry

What did Treva want?

Her approach was very simple. She wanted a nicer smile–to show teeth when she smiles that are not all crooked and discolored.

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Why did she choose Dr. White?

Dr. White’s name was mentioned everywhere she went where the topic of restorative, cosmetic dentistry or smile makeovers came up. More importantly, she found out she could design her own smile, have real input and be listened to.

Dr. White’s Expertise, Experience & Education

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Dr. Kent White

What was discovered in her initial smile consultation before a complete health evaluation?

A closeup of a before smile

Dr. White could see a collapsed bite; her teeth were not coming together properly. Her teeth were also moving inwardly. Because he has trained in more areas than the average cosmetic dentist, like neuromuscular dentistry, he is able to identify more than short-term cosmetic dentistry changes.

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What was involved in creating her new smile?

Patient showing confidence after working with Dr. Kent WhiteTechnically, the treatment is called Non-Orthodontic Alignment Technique (NOAT). Before Dr. White created new teeth for her smile, he determined, using Neuromuscular Dentistry and other dental diagnostic techniques, why this misalignment was occurring. This was to make sure her new smile is a lasting reflection of her inner confidence.

In addition to creating an esthetically perfect and natural-looking smile, Dr. White wanted to position her bite to be in harmony with her overall facial features. Positioning the bite correctly would, even without facial cosmetic surgery, change her facial make up–often removing wrinkles.

He also makes sure she will have proper tongue positioning: the place where the tongue should be on and off the teeth and behind and in front of the teeth. This assures her speech, chewing and swallowing is not affected by these changes. For some it means better health and function improvement in these areas as well.

He enhanced 20 teeth by placing 20 indirect porcelain restorations–man-made enamel–on, around and in the appropriate teeth to replace fillings, restore metal and older cosmetic crowns and esthetically change others. These changes improved spacing and crowding teeth issues by creating a larger to smaller harmonious pattern. He balanced the upper and the lower teeth for a bite that feels comfortable and works properly.

This detailed attention to overall function and health (even though an extreme makeover is concentrated on visual results) we believe sets us apart. We’re not a “smile factory” or a “cosmetic salon”. We do more to help you attain complete success.

We’re focused on your wellness first because we believe beautiful smiles should last. You are a unique physical individual. Therefore, we make sure your cosmetic dentistry wants and needs are balanced by what your oral structure requires. Achieving proper oral harmony means long-term confidence and comfort. That is our goal. The result for Treva was a stunning, natural-looking and feeling smile! Dr. White is able to put real health benefits into the extreme makeover equation.

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What Was The Process, Step-By-Step for achieving Treva’s results?

1) Take photos of her current smile and then preview her “new” smile using digital imaging.
2) Take impressions of her smile to replicate her current smile.

Before – Upper Teeth

Downward view of a dental patient before completing work with Dr. Kent White
Before – Lower Teeth

3) Create a model of her current smile to determine specific needs.

4) Create a wax model of her new smile to view changes: a three-dimensional “blueprint”:

• This model is used to help Dr. White determine the best way to create her smile enhancements
• It is also used to precisely form the 20 temporary porcelain restorations or “cosmetic provisionals”
5) In her first treatment visit, her teeth are prepared to accept these restorations and they are placed.
6) Temporary restorations gauge how flawless the blueprint model was…

• Treva and Dr. White are able to determine whether her new teeth will affect her speech.
• They are able tell if her bite functions properly using Neuromuscular Dentistry.
• She can determine whether the color, shape and length of her teeth are esthetically pleasing.
• She goes from her current smile to a new smile in one visit.

NOTE: These are not her final restorations, but visually and functionally create zero transition time because they act as real teeth until this testing time is complete and final restorations are placed.

7) Treva suggests changes and Dr. White determines any other changes.
8) These adjustments are given to our highly qualified porcelain laboratory.
9) In her second treatment visit, her final restorations are bonded into place.
10) At the “last appointment” she gets an opportunity to refine the look and shape of her new smile – other appointments can be scheduled to do further refining if needed.
11) Treva leaves her final appointment with the smile she’s always wanted. This is REAL health wrapped in exceptional cosmetic dentistry.

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What occurred at her appointments?

Initial Consultation
First “Treatment” Visit
Provisional Check Up
Second “Treatment” Visit
Re-contouring Visit(s)

Nashville Dentist Dr. Kent White discussing treatment with a patient

Initial Consultation(s): We met to talk about her concerns and what she wanted: from health needs to cosmetic dentistry enhancements. A facial analysis was performed to understand what type of smile would best facilitate a transformation of her face. Photos were taken for evaluation and as a record of the changes. We made an impression of her smile; this is used to create a plaster model of her current smile and a wax-up model of her new smile.

Using her before photo, we created a digital “after” smile to show her the potential changes a new smile would do for her normal expression, her laughing smile and a hint of how it would enhance of her face. She picked three smiles from our digital smile library, which she felt were similar to what she wanted and then we viewed her “new” look on the computer. The digital (or cosmetic) imaging is a powerful way to preview your new smile. Of course, it is not the same as seeing your real new, beaming smile reflecting back at you from a mirror.

Then we discussed short term and long-term goals because the look of a smile transformation and its lasting value is affected by how you live your life after these changes. Even weight loss or gain can change the balanced look of your new smile.

We wanted Treva to know the results of her decision and to get all the answers she needed. In reality about 40% of the people who get to this point choose to do nothing. Why? They are not ready because they have many decisions that they can’t resolve for themselves at this juncture, so we will understand if you are not ready. If she decided not to proceed at this point, she could have returned for another informational or get-know-us-better visit, just as you can.

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First “Treatment” Visit: After being made very comfortable, Dr. White prepared her teeth and placed her cosmetic provisionals (temporary restorations). This will help ensure acceptance and happiness of her new look and a comfortable and natural feel along with overall oral harmony and function. She wore the provisionals for about two weeks to “test drive” her new smile. They functioned exactly like her final restorations are now functioning, but were not bonded to her teeth with the “final” stronger bonding solution.

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Provisional Check Up: This visit is scheduled to ensure the provisional teeth are functioning as planned. Adjustments are made and the next treatment visit is scheduled. Of course, if any issues arose after these adjustments, there might be another check up.

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Second “Treatment” Visit: After being made very comfortable, Dr. White removed Treva’s provisional teeth and placed her final restorations.

Dr. White and his highly qualified dental laboratory exquisitely develop the final porcelain restorations. Because they are developed using exact molds of the “test driven” provisional teeth and with Dr. White’s high quality photography, the results exactly match the function, look and feel of the provisional teeth. Because Dr. White wants to provide the highest level of results we schedule a mandatory re-contouring follow up visit.

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Re-contouring Visit(s): There are times when our clients feel no other changes are needed. However, we realize that just days after making this determination, they might see something that they did not notice before. Time alone can create a perspective you don’t have in the midst of the immediate euphoria of enjoying your new smile.

Re-contouring is part science (comfort, function, etc.) and part art (color, light reflection, shape, etc.). Remember that Dr. White can create perfect balance, yet natural smiles are not perfectly balanced. Each beautiful smile does not need to be perfectly symmetrical. For example, one tooth can reflect light differently than another.

Dr. White or you might make suggestions for characterization changes such as making corners more gentle, adding “imperfect” elements, and other artistic characteristics. Of course, if there are comfort and function issues, these will be addressed, too. If another re-contouring visit is needed or asked for, it would be scheduled.

Dr. White is able to do more than the average cosmetic dentist because of his LVI training in full-mouth reconstructive dentistry and neuromuscular dentistry. He has your dental and complete health in mind first and then achieves the cosmetic dentistry result you want.

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What Are Cosmetic Provisionals or Temporary Restorations?

Cosmetic provisionals, also known as temporary restorations, allow Dr. White and his client to preview and “test drive” the new smile. This is done before final restorations are placed. Few other “permanent” cosmetic procedures offer you this high level of previewing ability. If it’s not what you want, there is no surgery to correct it!

This amazing “test drive” feature of a smile makeover makes it a very exacting process from both the client and the clinical perspective. Dr. White and you can picture your new smile in all its facets before you go the final step. You can test how it feels and functions, too. Of course, the wax-up diagnostic smile model (the “blueprint”), which was created before this stage, gave us the confidence that most of the function issues were resolved. A neuromuscular dentistry analysis is also used to resolve function and pain problems.


Dr. Kent White matching the shade of a patients existing teeth
Shade Matching

You’ll be able to see if everything is balanced: color, length, translucency, texture, shape, etc. Is it comfortable? Are you happy with it in everyway? If your teeth are too thick or long, you can often tell by just annunciating certain words. Do you have phonetic harmony? Do you get esthetic inspiration and see facial congruency? You’ll see, feel and hear where your smile will end up.

You can say with complete confidence: “That does look good on me!” After you have approved this phase, Dr. White makes an exact duplicate mold of your new temporary smile and takes high-quality photos of it to give to his highly qualified dental laboratory so they can perfectly match all these aspects. Then and only then, Dr. White bonds your final restorations into place.

This full-dress rehearsal of your new smile is a tremendous benefit to those who are cautious about making a decision like this. You know you have the “WOW” before it’s all said and done. It’s cosmetic dentistry with long-term comfort and health in mind.

What is a Diagnostic Model? (The Smile “Blueprint”)

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What is a Diagnostic Model? (The Smile “Blueprint”)

Dr. White does a lot of preparation before you go home with a new smile. This assures you get what you want and a smile that lasts. One key element of this assurance is the diagnostic wax-up model. It guides Dr. White in planning your smile enhancements much like a blueprint used in building a stable, sound and lasting home.

a plaster model of a new smile
Plaster Model

This smile model is created after an impression or mold of your current smile is made. From this blueprint, Dr. White is able to understand the directions in which your smile is going to go. With this model he can anticipate the situations that will result from this new smile including function, feel and look.

Using this blueprint model, he’ll know which back teeth need to be built up to protect the front teeth from breaking and chipping. This engineering of a smile is critical to long-term success. Enhancing only a few front teeth can be a recipe for disaster because of the crushing force of a person’s bite.

The back teeth blunt the force of your bite, like a strong heel protects the softer front of the foot during walking and running. Broken down, worn back teeth can break front teeth. If you had small back teeth from your youth, this could have caused oral pain and front teeth to push out and break. This is a major reason he avoids using the term cosmetic dentistry during your treatment: the word “cosmetic” limits the scope of what he does

It helps Dr. White come as close in shape, length and texture, thereby aiding us to deliver the next phase almost flawlessly. According to Dr. Kent White: “When I prepare these models, I am very confident that we have a result that will last, and feel good. Of course, seeing it on the face and feeling in the mouth is another beneficial stage for the client and for clinical purposes. That’s why we have the cosmetic provisionals’ phase?”

What Are Cosmetic Provisionals or Temporary Restorations?

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What Did Dr. White See Before Treva’s Plastic Surgery?

Unhappy woman before completing treatment with Dr. Kent WhiteDr. Kent White: “Before Treva had plastic surgery to enhance her jaw, which was performed before her smile enhancements, she also had the option of seeing how dentistry alone could transform her chin and reduce aging lines around her mouth.

We often can move your lower jaw (and chin) forward without surgery – we bring the jaw down and forward creating orthopedic and facial enhancements. It takes stress off the joints – without introducing something extraneous such as the chin implant, which Treva had placed by the plastic surgeon. Dr. White creates a relaxed body position. Building the teeth up to an optimum height often achieves a result that removes many wrinkles and enhances the jaw to a more esthetic and proper position.

You also have a choice. But I recommend you consider seeing what a smile makeover can do for your chin and how it can rejuvenate your face before facial surgery is performed.”

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What Did You See After Treva Had her Plastic Surgery?

Profile view of a dental patientDr. White: “I saw a beautiful face, yet her lack of a big, bold smile meant her enhanced facial features would not have the vibrancy she wanted. Even with these beautiful and amazing facial changes there seemed to be a reluctance to laugh or smile. I see the smile as the heart and soul of the face. We wanted to complete her look and enhance her confidence.”

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What are your memories of her statements about the experience?

After smile of a confident patientDr. White: “Actually, my most unique memory is her husband’s comments to her. He told Treva that he wants to come here for a similar smile makeover. And, he had never before thought about doing anything like this before!”

Read Treva’s Testimonial

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What does an extreme makeover mean to Dr. White after transforming Treva’s smile?

A extreme makeover smile thanks to Dr. Kent WhiteDr. White: “People need to know more about the possibilities. Too many people who really need and want something done have not looked into what is now possible and how effective it can be in building their confidence and improving health. People should not suppress their dreams or become complacent in finding out what is available and how much it can change their life.

Some might think the show Extreme Makeover is an extreme way to promote dentistry, but sometimes we need this kind of promotion to cut through the clutter and create general awareness. Few people want to come to the dentist or even think about it, and probably even fewer want to spend this kind of money on their teeth. Yet when someone leaves here with a new smile, their perspective has transformed, often in astounding ways, and many times their health is also greatly improved.

Hiding out in this office and speaking meekly about the benefits of what I do, does not make any sense. More people deserve this level of care so more should know about it. Remember it’s more than cosmetic dentistry — it’s complete fulfillment dentistry.”

Read Treva’s Testimonial

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Treva’s Testimonial

A closeup view of a new smileTreva: “I was truly delighted with the smile Dr. White designed for me. Numerous people have complimented me on my teeth, and quite frankly I have a lot more self-confidence thanks to him and his artistic ability.

Any dentist can place teeth in your mouth. Dr. White and his team actually recreated my smile by adjusting my teeth to perfection.

My entire profession hinges on my ability to make suitable sales presentations to our clients and the first thing they see is my smile. He is truly a credit to his profession and I am deeply grateful to Dr. White and his staff.”